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Philip Breslaw

(Germany: 1726 - 16th May 1803)

British-Jewish parents. Moved to England in 1760. Likely inventor of Clock Dial (1777). He was the first magician of note to feature mind reading. He played in 1781 at the Haymarket Theatre in London to appreciative audiences. Was contemporary and rival of Philip Astley and Giuseppe Pinetti.

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Philip Breslaw
Breslaw's Last Legacy by Philip Breslaw

This early work from 1784 deals with a number of interesting subjects including conjuring, fortune telling, riddles, paradoxes, funny stories, math tricks, chemistry, electricity and other science tricks.

  • CHAP. I. The AIR BALLOON described, and how to make one, as has lately been done in France and England
    • To make Inflammable Air
  • CHAP. II. Many clever Tricks, and pleasant Fancies, in the Art of Legerdemain
    • To cause Mirth, and make Sport with Quick-silver
    • Another Trick with Quick-silver
    • To make a Six-pence seem to fall through a Table
    • The Visible Invisible ...
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