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Gustavus Katterfelto

Gustavus Katterfelto

(~1743 - 1799)

Christian William Anthony Katterfelto (known as Gustavus) was a Prussian conjurer, scientific lecturer, and quack. He moved to Britain in 1776 and stayed there until his death. He typically performed with a black cat he called "evil". He used the flu epidemic of 1782 to profit as a quack and thus he added a medicine show to his conjuring performances. He used a solar microscope to show images of microbes which he claimed were the causes of the flu.

Coauthors: Giuseppe Pinetti, Philip Breslaw

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Giuseppe Pinetti & Philip Breslaw & Gustavus Katterfelto
The Conjuror's Repository by Giuseppe Pinetti & Philip Breslaw & Gustavus Katterfelto

The Conjurer's Repository or the Whole Art and Mystery of Magic Displayed by the following celebrated characters; Pinetti, Katterfelto, Barrett, Breslaw, Silbley, Lane &c

This is a compilation of tricks lifted from other conjuring books. William Bradford writes in his review in Genii:

It contains general magic, mostly of the close-up variety, a lot of mathematical mental magic, a lot of chemical effects, one trick called "How to show the Hen and Egg Bag, and out of an empty Bag to bring above an hundred eggs, and afterwards a live Hen", and even some pages on calculating probabilities...

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