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Grant's Fabulous Feats of Mental Magic
by Don Tanner


(7 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Grant's Fabulous Feats of Mental Magic by Don Tanner

In this eBook, you get 50 feats of mental magic from the legendary U. F. Grant. Written by Don Tanner, contents include book tests, various design duplication methods, Grant's original Prediction Chest, Q&A acts and methods, mental card miracles, blindfolds, and much more. Many of these items are worth far more than the price of the manuscript; including Grant's "Mental Epic" style triple prediction effect, called "Citation," that uses a large regular slate or dry erase board. You get all this for just $4.00, one of the best bargains in magic.

  • See-All Telephone Book Test
  • The Clear View Test
  • Magazine Test
  • Super-X Mindreading
  • State of Mind
  • The Crystal Gazer
  • Trans-Vision
  • Duplicity
  • Shades of Edison
  • The Zella Mindreading Act
  • Cimota
  • Easy Do Card Miracle
  • Whispering Glass
  • Zella Prediction Deck
  • Think
  • A Short Peek
  • Suspense
  • Moe Card Trick
  • Influence
  • Next
  • Card Fan Location
  • Improved De Lawrence Clock Trick
  • Feeling The Spots On Cards
  • Kard-U-Reka
  • Twin-Thot
  • Futuramic
  • Design Duplication
  • A Message From The Deep
  • Ment-O-Flex
  • Prediction Chest
  • Spell Bound
  • Tale Of Fifteen Cities
  • Zenith Headline Prediction
  • Atomic Sight
  • Citation
  • Private Reading
  • Cognomen
  • Space Thought
  • Frame Of Mind
  • Gamblers Dice Throw
  • Hypnotism
  • Rear Vision
  • Twin-Thot
  • Center Tear Perfected
  • The Telephone Coin Trick
  • X-Ray Vision
  • A Word To The Wise
  • Impromptu (Practically) Telephone Book Test
  • Within The Law
  • Well Stacked
  • Hypnotism By Radio

PDF 36 pages.
word count: 15044 which is equivalent to 60 standard pages of text