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More Miracles in Mentalism
by Robert A. Nelson


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More Miracles in Mentalism by Robert A. Nelson

Here are more new, original and sensational mental effects, brought to you by many foremost mentalists. A wide variety of time proven, audience tested effects are included. Several of the effects were formerly catalogued and sold by their originators for several dollars each. Now get them all in this fine ebook, the second in the series of "Miracles in Mentalism."

Take a look at what's included:

  1. Subliminal Perception (Syd Bergson)
  2. One is Face Up (Dr. Stanley Jaks)
  3. Facsimile (Gene "Phantini" Grant)
  4. ESP Coincidence (Bob Nelson)
  5. Musical Thoughts (R. W. Grosholz)
  6. Alphabetical Perception (Dr. S. P. Thornton)
  7. Serial Number Telepathy (Dr. S. P. Thornton)
  8. Tip for Fresh Photos (Bob Nelson)
  9. Four Count Telepathy (La Verne Duvall)
  10. Mindreading Supreme (Orville Meyer)
  11. Thought Control (Prof. R. J. Hofemann)
  12. Advice from a Pro (Bob Nelson)
  13. Prediction (Julian Proskauer)
  14. Mental Pad Idea (Ernest LePell)
  15. Telepathy in Hi-Fi (Frederic Kolb)
  16. Impromptu Impression Board (Gen Grant)
  17. Mentalism vs. Magic (Bob Nelson)
  18. Master Mental Divination (Dr. H. Walter Grote)
  19. A Billet Test Tip (Bob Nelson)
  20. Spirit Portraits (Bob Nelson)
  21. Deep of Night (Eddie Clever)
  22. Impromptu Faked Blindfold (Eddie Clever)
  23. What's Your Sign? (Bob Nelson)
  24. Spirit Kisses (Loel Nelson)
  25. Answering the Impossible ("Doc" Mahendra)
  26. Impression Tip from a Pro (Bob Nelson)
  27. Voices from the Grave ("Doc" Mahendra)
  28. Prayer for the Dead (Gerald Kosky)
  29. Fortune Telling by Cards (Bob Nelson)
  30. A Date with a Coin ("Gen" Grant)
  31. Perpetual Calendar (Bob Nelson)
  32. Impromptu Swami Writer (Dr. "A")
  33. Nail Writer Gimmick (Roy Fromer)
  34. Second Sight Seeing (Bob Nelson)
  35. Publicity Feature (Bob Nelson)
  36. Low Cost Crystal Prompter (Bob Nelson)
  37. Two Thirty-Minute Programs (Bob Nelson)
Many effects are one person presentations and include full patter. Little or no apparatus is required to do these More Miracles in Mentalism. Bob Nelson has selected the best of the various contributors' favorite effects and sequenced them into a complete Mental and Psychic Program. Your library is not complete without this book.

Are you a Nelson collector? This book was listed as No. 674 in the Nelson Enterprises catalog.

1st edition 1959, PDF 74 pages.
word count: 19054 which is equivalent to 76 standard pages of text