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Gyrater: Floating and Spinning Deck
by Devin Knight

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Gyrater: Floating and Spinning Deck by Devin Knight

The performer has a card selected, no force, and returned to the deck. The deck is shuffled and 7 or 8 cards are dealt face down into an arc shape. The performer introduces his card case and says this is his pet, CASEY. Casey is well trained and can find selected cards. That is because he is a pointer. (Pun Intended.) The performer holds the card case above his hand and says, "Casey stay." The card case remains suspended in the air. The performer says, "Chase your tail." The deck revolves 360 degrees in the air. Performer says, "Play dead," the card case drops into his hand.

The performer says Casey will find the spectator's card. He holds the case on his palm and extends his palm into the arc. He says, "Casey, find the card." Amazingly, the case floats up off his palm about half an inch and begins to move back and forth from left to right. Finally, the case stops moving and drops back into his hand. The tip of the spade on the card case is pointing to a card. The spectator turns over the card and it is his selected card!

There are NO THREADS OR MAGNETS used and the deck is ungimmicked. It can even be a borrowed deck. One of the most commercial and novel ways to find a selected card ever devised. Kids love this.

The case can just be made to float and revolve in the air without using it to find a selected card. You can make a credit card float and revolve. A great gag is to take an envelope and say this is my impression of airmail. The envelope rises up, floats and revolves, and can be passed for examination.

NO RUBBER BANDS OR ELASTICS. No Mechanical Devices. No pulleys. Nothing to break. Can be instantly repeated. Perfect for the strolling performer. Easy to do and can be made up in minutes.

1st edition 1991; digital edition 2011, 6 pages.

word count: 2494 which is equivalent to 9 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Timothy Rose (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Thursday 20 August, 2015

Interesting... The word cheesy comes to mind. It might play well in a one on one but for a group bigger than say, 2, not a worker effect. Cool looking on video but not a worker.

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