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Handbook of Telephone Telepathy
by Al Forman


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Handbook of Telephone Telepathy by Al Forman

Over 30 easily learned mind reading routines to baffle and entertain friends and audiences anywhere a phone exists. Although this was written at a time mobile phones were not available, many of these miracles are directly applicable today where a cell phone is pretty much available anywhere.

Some effects require elaborate preparation, others can be performed at a moments notice. Several are the creation of the author, but most are adaptations of known methods to the telephone.

Forman discusses three groups of phone tricks. The first group consists of code routines. The data to be conveyed is represented by seemingly innocent words or other communication means in which the desired information is camouflaged. Usually, but not always, the data is transmitted over the telephone. Frequently this is done by the spectator who is unaware that he is transmitting a code.

The second group comprises routines using certain telephone characteristics which are rarely known, or if known, are not related in the spectator’s mind to the demonstration at hand. Once these functional aspects of the telephone are known to the performer, an infinite variety of minor miracles is possible.

The third group includes a wide variety of tricks, card arrangements, forces and the like. They are good entertainment when performed without a phone. When adapted to telephone telepathy, these tricks are enhanced.

1st edition 1963; 68 pages.
word count: 19687 which is equivalent to 78 standard pages of text

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