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Heavily Haunted: Second Edition
by Dale A. Hildebrandt


(4 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Heavily Haunted: Second Edition by Dale A. Hildebrandt

NOTE: The Second Edition IS NOT a limited edition!

What People Are Saying About The Second Edition:

"Your book is fascinating and the premise is great. I would recommend your material to anyone who really wants to add strong presentation to their arsenal. This is what I have always thought of as thinking man's magic. Excellent!! Bravo!!" - Ed Solomon

"What Docc Hilford did for the Ball & Tube Dale Hildebrandt & Co. have done to the Haunted Key. This is a MUST HAVE guide for anyone that enjoys this classic PK routine." - Craig Browning

What People Said About The First Edition:

"This is one work that will force you to drag your old haunted key out of the drawer. Dale has taken what in the past has been a 10 second novelty and turned it into a full group presentation. Using clever techniques and psychology you not only cause the key to move in the spectator's hand but also to become heavier. Obviously this work is not for beginners. If you are a real worker who is looking to leave the spectators with an experience they will remember long after the effect is over then I recommend this to you." - Devin Knight

"I have never used the Haunted Key before. I had seen it done, and it seemed nice enough, but there was never any real emotional hook. Then I read Dale Hildebrandt's Heavily Haunted and decided I must own this prop immediately. The thinking in this book is incredible, and the creations within Heavily Haunted also deliver a very powerful launching pad for countless routines and ideas. My key is on the way in the mail...always said I'd never buy one...until now. Kudos and thanks, Dale." - Don Theo III

"An artful ebook on how to turn the haunted key into far more than a 'hey look what I can do' trick - Heavily Haunted is a wonderfully inclusive and memorable positive experience..." - Iain Dunford

In Heavily Haunted, you will create an experience for a participant that they won't soon forget. And you'll do this with nothing more than a key and a willing participant. You will be provided with a four phase routine, as well as three different additional touches that will allow you to provide the participant with a sense of wonder and awe. Throughout the entire presentation, the magic seems to stem from the participant.

In the Second Edition, there are some SECOND EDITION NOTES that will help you create different experiences with the Haunted Key, give you an alternative way of structuring the phase of the First Edition routine, and even a small section on Ideomotor Finger Signals.

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced Mentalists will get the best use from this manuscript.

BONUS ONE: In HEAVILY HAUNTED: SECOND EDITION Dale has included a bonus section titled "A QUIET CORNER". "A Quiet Corner" was originally published in Nathan Spark's ebook "Tattoo". Here is what Don Theo III had to say about "A Quiet Corner":

Subtitled "Various Tips, Techniques, Pieces and Parts." Prepare yourself before diving into this entry. This is a walk on the wild side, led by the delicious madness that is Dale Hildebrandt. Dale goes really deep with this, and it's obvious he really put forth a lot of time and effort. Since first reading his work, I have always wanted to attend a lecture by Dale just for the pure experience. This is about as close as it gets without having him right there in front of you. I would imagine it is very difficult to communicate the techniques Dale teaches. He seems to have a real talent for molding intangible premises into visceral musings.

BONUS TWO: A Preview of "This Book Is Bizarre".

2nd edition 2010; 66 pages.
word count: 16442 which is equivalent to 65 standard pages of text