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The Haunting of Paul Voodini
by Paul Voodini


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The Haunting of Paul Voodini by Paul Voodini

The Haunting of Paul Voodini is a compilation of routines and set pieces, many of them taken directly from the “shut eye” paranormal community. These routines would sit well in any bizarre, mentalism, or séance theatre presentation and should be regarded as building blocks and foundations around which evenings of wonder and mystery may be built.

As with most of Voodini’s work, the vast majority of this work is ungimmicked and relies instead upon the correct creation of atmosphere, the subtle use of hypnotic wording, and the ability of the performer to engage the guests’ imaginations. Hence the subtitle of this ebook is: “A Pot Pouri of Strong Mentalism and Bizarre Magic for the Confident Performer”.

Routines included are:

  • Hot Stone. A small item such as a stone, a crystal or a haunted key is held by a spectator. The item firstly becomes hot within the volunteer’s clenched fist, then her arm becomes locked and immoveable as the energy within the item increases, and finally the weight of the item increases drastically and the volunteer has no choice but to drop the item from her grasp.
  • Automatic Writing. A volunteer sits at a table with a pen poised over a sheet of paper. At your invocation the spirits enter the volunteer and a strange message appears on the paper.
  • The Spirit Rope. Two volunteers hold a length of rope between them. In the darkness, spirits begin to act on the rope, pulling it from the volunteers.
  • The Effects of Darkness on the Human Mind. A short essay on how darkness affects the human mind, and how the mystery performer can utilise this phenomena.
  • Human Pendulum. In the darkness, spirits enter the room and cause your guests to sway uncontrollably in unison and ultimately lose their footing.
  • Pendulum Induction. A new and novel hypnotic induction using a pendulum.
  • Two Objects in a Room. Guests are placed into a light trance and are taken on an imaginary journey. A very strong routine that utilises both hypnosis and your own ability to ad-lib the outcome depending on the reaction of your guests. Not for the beginner, but a routine that the more confident performer will certainly savour and enjoy!

1st edition 2010; 24 pages.
word count: 8818 which is equivalent to 35 standard pages of text

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