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Risk and Reward
by Dale A. Hildebrandt


(9 reviews, 12 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Risk and Reward by Dale A. Hildebrandt

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This ebook is for magicians who like to work without a safety net. It is not recommended for the novice. It describes unusual principles and presentations. The reward for such risk can be extremely high.

Here are bold methods for bold magicians. Entertainers with “guts” will appreciate these approaches. No effect in this booklet is 100% guaranteed to work every time, but when things do work you will leave your audience speechless in that moment of astonishment. Those who take risks are often rewarded. When the risks in this booklet pay off, your audience will feel they are in the presence of a real miracle worker. The methods in “Risk & Reward” are so sneaky, so deceptive, and so out of the ordinary, that you will have just as much fun as the audience!

This booklet is only for those willing to take risks. Written for the intermediate to advanced magician. This may not be for you. Not everyone can handle the reactions you will get. Most magicians are used to getting reactions of applause and the famous five word phrase “How did you do that?” The effects in “Risk & Reward” leave the spectators with their jaws dropped open in amazement, scratching their heads, and wondering if what you did was real or not.

One Hot Coin: Imagine being able to cause a coin held in a spectator’s hand become hot while using no gimmicks or sleights. Now you can accomplish this miracle. Also included is a version which does use a gimmick and sleight of hand.

Devilish: An effect so powerful that spectators (including other magicians) will swear you sold your soul. A spectator moves an object on the table. An envelope that’s been sitting on the table the entire time is opened by the spectator. The volunteer removes the message. The magician does not touch the envelope or the message. The message accurately says which object the spectator would move. This does not rely on any of your usual methods. They will swear you made a pact with the Devil! Includes four different presentations.

Zen Garden Koan Coin: An amazing demonstration of the principles of Zen and Alchemy using a coin. This is a very visual experience.

Yet Another Ripper Effect: Jack is back. Or more accurately, his ghost is back. A scalpel, a souvenir, and a chosen victim all lead to the menacing return of Jack the Ripper. Included is a variation using photographs that may prove to be just too bone chilling for some people to perform.

Psychotaps: A volunteer thinks of any number. Nothing is written down. The performer starts tapping his own hand and stops at the thought-of number. A long neglected principle brought to the front, this work includes the out for when you don’t succeed.

Mime Vanish: Applying new principles to an old sleight allows you to completely vanish a coin.

Aura or Aura: Give the power of magic to your audience. Now you will be able to teach your audience two ways to sense their auras, and one method for seeing auras that is so powerful you’ll want to jealously guard this routine for yourself.

If Statues Could Cry: Two intriguing methods that allow you to make a chosen statue weep. Also included is Caleb Strange’s theatrical approach to this effect, that is not to be missed.

Pedometer Proof: Astound your audience with physical proof of your astral travels.

Psychic Cow Tipping: This will leave the impression that you can make large objects, including cows, fall over--using only the powers of your mind.

To Tie-Die For: Magically color a piece of notebook paper. Or use the principle to replace slates with a more ordinary, common object.

Buddha on Hecklers: Wise words that still ring true today.

First Impressions: Three approaches to making the impression of a wristwatch appear on your wrist. The “Dual Impressions” variation shows how to use the Dual Reality principle to not only make the impression to appear but also to predict a number chosen from the watch. Also included is a killer contribution from Banachek.

From Beyond: A piece of bizarre mini-theatre that involves a dead magician and your answering machine. Use this to create the feeling of real magic.

Please note that some reviews of this ebook mention the old price. In keeping with current market trends and other factors, the price of Risk & Reward has been increased. Thank you.

1st edition 2004; 46 pages.

Reviewed by Mark Piazza (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Monday 17 April, 2006

I took the risk and was rewarded! I really enjoyed most of the offerings but, as expected, not everything fits for everyone. I most especially liked Devilish, Cow Tipping, From Beyond and One Hot Coin. I was so impressed with One Hot Coin that I took measures to delve further into the source of Dale's inspiration.

Reviewed by Matt Cummings
★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 05 March, 2006

There are plenty of reviews on this collection of effects. I cannot say I like everyone of the effects, but I must say I do love three which I think totally justify the 15 bucks on this ebook.

they are:

Psychotaps Devilish First Impression

First impressions also contains a JEWEL contributed by Banachek. Now, i don't agree with Mr. Dale's more bizzare twists on some of the effects, and I would consider them crossing the line, but he is a creative thinker. I kind of wish he would also have gone a bit more IN DEPTH on some of his explanations. Also, some pictures would be nice as well.

For the mentalist this is a nice selection of effects and GREAT price. He could easily sell this for $25 and I would still be very happy with what I recieved despite my few complaints.

Reviewed by Ryan Pilling
★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 25 January, 2006

Risk and Reward is a testament to the power of presentation. Dale has created a collection of 'happenings' that cut out all the usual fluff and frills of magic tricks. This could be powerful stuff in the hands of a serious performer. Slipping these routines casually into an evening of conversation, as they do thrive outside of a formal show setting, will reward you with the sort of ambient astonishment that creates shivers and legends!

Reviewed by Banachek
★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 25 January, 2006

Some very cool concepts and ideas. They jump started some of my own thinking.

Reviewed by Richard Busch
★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 25 January, 2006

Risk and Reward is the most avant garde read I've had in years. New and inexperienced performers will find little more than suggestions of pipe dreams. But the very experienced and daring will enjoy a most thought provoking read that could lead to something quite novel. Interesting, even controversial methods await if you "risk" it.

Reviewed by Paul Alberstat
★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 25 January, 2006

A very interesting collection of mental effects that are based upon subtleties rather than clever props. Well written in an easy to understand manner that should get your creative juices flowing for the seasoned performer. A complete manuscript including references to further material is included and credits.

Reviewed by David Greene
★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 25 January, 2006

I find this an excellent manuscript! You have cleverly left the door open for inspiration and creativity. Your ideas are as sound as the presentations. Thank you for letting me take a little peek into the realm of your imagination!

Reviewed by David J. O'Connor
★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 25 January, 2006

If you are searching for something outside the envelope of normal effects, you may very well find that something within these pages. The material here is clever subtle, and for the astute performer could stimulate further exploration of often neglected principles and notions.

Reviewed by Kenton Knepper
★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 25 January, 2006

Risk and Reward is a collection of underused principles and unusual presentations. It is not for the novice. The title says a great deal about this manuscript. If you are a thinker, and are willing to ponder and apply unusual and rarely considered concepts, then this could be just the thing to set your mind in gear. Dale Hildebrandt nearly downplays these major notions, waiting for the sharpened brain to catch the real power in his seeming simplicity.