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Hen Fetsch

Hen Fetsch

(Baltimore, Maryland: 10th July 1912 - 1st January 1961)

Inspired seeing Carl Rosini show. Learned from Gilbert Mysto Magic set. Lessons in teens in Baltimore from Ernest Marx. Also quick-change artist. Died in Baltimore.

Invented the Fetsch Force (by 1940), Past-Present-Future (1943), The Magic Spell (1947, deck based on a Stewart James principle), Band-It Card (1949), Multi-Magic Glass (1950), Silk Epic (1951), Mental Epic (1952), Breaking the Sound Barrier (1953), A Minor Miracle (1955), Symbologic (1955), Wallet Wallop (1955), and Twin Twain (1958).

Wrote Miniature Card Magic (1943, 6pp), Milk Pitcher Magic (1946, 26pp), Magic at Your Fingertips (1947, 46pp, with Milbourne Christopher), Secret (1952, 7pp), Chinatown Quarter Magic (1955, 12pp), The Five O' Fetsch (1956, 9pp), Magic with Canes (1960, 48pp), etc. Tricks in Jinx, Phoenix, Dope Sheet, New Jinx, Hugard's Magic Monthly.

Coauthors: Milbourne Christopher

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Hen Fetsch
Chinatown Quarter Magic by Hen Fetsch

At long last this booklet of seven new routines for use with your Chinatown Quarter (they also work with the Chinatown Half and Chinatown Dollar) is once again available. Leave it to the fertile mind of "Hen" Fetsch to come up with these clever money mysteries with which you can enchant most any audience. Get that Chinatown quarter, half or dollar coin you already own out of your magic drawer and put it to use.


  • Foreword by T. A. Whitney
  • Chinatown Finale
  • Chinatown Flip
  • Chinatown Surprise
  • Chinatown Letter
  • Chinatown In-Out
  • Chinatown Buddha
  • Chinatown Monte
  • Additional References ...
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Milbourne Christopher & Hen Fetsch
Magic at Your Fingertips by Milbourne Christopher & Hen Fetsch

A top-flight collection of 33 tested tricks and performance suggestions by two of America's greatest magicians and magic inventors, Milbourne Christopher and 'Hen' Fetsch.

We can't remember the last time we had so much fun enjoying a book on magic. No stuffy prose or verbose instructions here, Christopher and Fetsch reveal the inner workings just as if you're discussing them over a beer or burger at your favorite hangout.

Magic at Your Fingertips features chapters on close-up conjuring, mental magic, card feats, sorcery with silks and a wide assortment of unusual variety magic. It contains...

★★★★★ $6
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Hen Fetsch
Miniature Card Magic by Hen Fetsch

In this rare manuscript, the fertile mind of "Hen" Fetsch - with some editorial help from California publisher Lloyd E. Jones - reveals several of his favorite effects, betchas, tips and gags with miniature cards.

"Hen" also tips the way he prepares himself to be able to perform these effects at a moment's notice -- even with a borrowed deck. No difficult sleights are required. All moves and setup are well-explained and illustrated.


  • Introduction
  • Simplicity Force
  • Stick with Me, Kid
  • Last Chance, Brother
  • Simplicity False Cut
  • Direct Approach
  • My Favorite Trick
  • Stung Stab ...
★★★★ $3
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Hen Fetsch
Milk Pitcher Magic by Hen Fetsch

A collection of more than 100 routines, tips, presentations, gags, suggestions, ideas for the "vanishing milk pitcher".

    • Its Care
    • Type of Liquids
    • Presentation
    • Milk Marker
    • Showmanly Spills
    • A Blackstone Tip
    • Personal Preference
    • The Paper Cone
    • Opening The Cone
    • Loading The Cone
    • Handling The Cone
    • Water-Proof Cone
    • Rice Silks or Beer
    • Liquid Flowers
    • Flower Silk
    • Rice Silk
    • Bowl and Pitcher
    • Snow Time
    • Flower Flash
    • Bunko Beans ...
★★★★★ $3
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Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 products)