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Stewart James

Stewart James

(Courtright, Ontario, Canada: 14th May 1908 - 5th November 1996)

Of Scots ancestry. Learned on 7th birthday. IBM member since 1926. Prolific and highly creative inventor, he published first trick ("Surprising Suspension") in 1926. Major later effects include Ball of Fortune = Medallion (June 1929 in Sphinx, with later revisions), the Mosteller Principle (1929), the synonymy principle (in 1930s), Miraskill (1935), Headline Prediction (1938), Sefalaljia (1939), Fantastic Facsimile (by 1940), Lac-Lite (by 1940), The Book of the Dead (by 1940), Tip-See (1940), Remembering the Future (1947), Jamesway Poker Deal (1948), and First Finger of Fate (1954, with Freer). 1982 AMA Creative Fellowship.

Edited Abbott's Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks (3 vols, 1941, 1962, 1980), a classic series; and wrote booklets: The Nullifactor [1954, 8pp], First Call to Cards (1954, 28pp), Magic Mine No.1 (1957, 28pp), and Case for Cards (1958, 22pp). Many tricks in magazines, including in Sphinx (1926), Canadian Magician's Digest (1929), Jinx, Phoenix, New Phoenix, New Tops, Pentagram, Ibidem, Epoptica, and the all-James issue of Arcane #10 (1983). See P. Howard Lyons and Allan Slaight (editors), Stewart James in Print: The First 50 Years (1989), which at 1,025 pages was the then largest page-count of any book about a single magician ever published in English. See also Allen Slaight (editor), The James Files (2000, 3 vols, 1770pp).

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Stewart James
Abbott's Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks Volume 3 by Stewart James

This is the third of three parts. This final part is organized by publication or creator.

  • Acknowledgments
  • Chapter One: The Abbott Magic Company Section
    • Krazy Kube (Roy Shrimplin)
    • Arturo's Check-R-X
    • Endless Neck Rope
    • Octagoon (Lester Lake)
    • Rope Thru Body (Karson)
    • Embarrassing Rope
    • All Fair Rope Trick
    • Abbott's Wrist Tie Supreme
    • Abbott's Rod Tie
    • Club Performer's Spook Act
  • Chapter Two: The Eddie Joseph Section
    • Divorce In Zuzuland
    • The Thumb Tie
    • The Two-Way Cut
    • "Unaccommodating Rope"
    • The Tieless Tie
    • "Secret Ingress"
    • "Space Venture"
    • "Trapped In Space"
    • "Magilocks"
  • Chapter Three:...
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Stewart James
Abbott's Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks Volume 2 by Stewart James

This is the second of three parts. From the preface:

Several years of research and compilation by Stewart James has gone into this volume to bring the material up to date. Mr. James compiled the first volume and we are indeed indebted to him for his work in this book. The late Ted Annemann once wrote of him: "I honestly consider Stewart James as one of the best informed people in the business, bar none, and one whose tricks always have a touch of genius in their originality."

  • Publisher's Foreward
  • We Dedicate
  • The Fable Of The Hindu Rope Trick
  • Acknowledgments
  • Chapter One: Knots
    • One Hand And...
★★★★★ $19.95
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Stewart James
Abbott's Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks Volume 1 by Stewart James

This is the first of three parts. It is by far the most thorough compilation of rope tricks ever created. From the preface by Percy Abbott:

To those who have eagerly awaited its publication, we believe we are giving them a work that was worth waiting for. In producing this volume, we have striven to make it a real compendium of rope tricks - not merely a collection of rope effects, but rather a reference work as complete and informative as possible. This we feel confident has been achieved.

Many months have been spent in research and the compilation necessary to give workers in the realm of magic...

$19.95 $9.95
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Stewart James
Trilogia di Carte by Stewart James

Tre sorprendenti trucchi automatici con le carte

Tre meravigliosi effetti automatici, senza abilità e di grande impatto sul pubblico di Stewart James.

Le routines sono praticamente sconosciute al pubblico odierno e sono di un impatto tale da soddisfare sia il più esigente artista che il più raffinato pubblico. Provatene una e aggiungetela al vostro repartorio oppure…,perché no, usatele tutte. Senza dubbio la routine finale vale il prezzo dell’intero manoscritto !

Ecco gli effetti contenuti nel manoscritto :

Appropriazione indebita - Il prestigiatore scrive qualcosa su un...

★★★★★ $4
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Stewart James
Quick Hypnotic Tricks by Stewart James

This ebook contains twelve extraordinary, pseudo-hypnotic tricks that can be performed with sensational results by anyone.

Not true hypnotism, which requires long practice and frequently fails, but cleverly disguised natural principles that are little known. One of the most unusual collections of odd information ever assembled. So-called instantaneous hypnotic methods that depend on applying pressure to certain nerve centers to create temporary paralysis are strictly avoided in these instructions.

This series of science-baffling effects appear to be contrary to all natural laws. Deemed...

★★★ $6
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Stewart James
Jamesosophy by Stewart James

Personally I find any trick using a swastica not a particularly good idea today, because the swastica is loaded with meaning not necessarily appropriate for entertainment. But we should not forget that this manuscript was originally written in the 1940s.

The gem in my opinion is the last effect, "The All Clear Card Transformation."

Here are the effect descriptions as they were originally written by Stewart James.


The performer writes a prediction and anyone retains it for the time being. He now displays a card, the same size as a playing card, bearing a Swastica. The assertion...

★★★★★ $4
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Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 products)