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Miniature Card Magic
by Hen Fetsch


(4 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Miniature Card Magic by Hen Fetsch

In this rare manuscript, the fertile mind of "Hen" Fetsch - with some editorial help from California publisher Lloyd E. Jones - reveals several of his favorite effects, betchas, tips and gags with miniature cards.

"Hen" also tips the way he prepares himself to be able to perform these effects at a moment's notice -- even with a borrowed deck. No difficult sleights are required. All moves and setup are well-explained and illustrated.


  • Introduction
  • Simplicity Force
  • Stick with Me, Kid
  • Last Chance, Brother
  • Simplicity False Cut
  • Direct Approach
  • My Favorite Trick
  • Stung Stab
  • They Name It
  • More Fun with Miniature Cards
  • Amazing Photography
  • About the Author
  • Appendix: Camera-Ready Miniature Cards
  • Thank You
  • Suggestions for Your Magic Library
Brought to you by the creator of "Mental Epic" and the author of Milk Pitcher Magic.

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1st edition 1943, PDF 21 pages.
word count: 3567 which is equivalent to 14 standard pages of text