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Houdini Souvenir Program

by Harry Houdini
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Houdini Souvenir Program by Harry Houdini

During the 1925-26 season this program was sold at Houdini's shows in the lobby of theaters.

  • Houdini - A Biography
  • Some of the Wonderful Feats Accomplished by Houdini
  • Houdini's Greatest Thrill
  • Magical Tricks and Illusions
    • The Vanishing Matches
    • The Mysterious Thumb Tie
    • The Vest Turning Mystery
    • The Spirit Release
    • The Spirit Knots
    • The Vanishing Knot
    • Surgery Extraordinary
    • The Restored Tooth-pick
    • Black or Red
    • A Good Coin Trick
    • The Sphinx
    • The Thauma Illusion
    • The Magic Butterflies
    • The Rope Amputation
    • A Subtle Dime Vanish
  • A Few Personal Facts
  • Houdini Reveals He "Reads" Minds
1st edition 1925, 18 pages; PDF 38 pages.
word count: 12304 which is equivalent to 49 standard pages of text
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