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Magical Rope Ties and Escapes
by Harry Houdini


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Magical Rope Ties and Escapes by Harry Houdini

This is one of the best books by Houdini, because here he writes about something he really knows a lot about. With many of his escapes he had to be very familiar with the knots he was tied up. This book has many good illustrations and several photos where Houdini himself demonstrates certain ties. It is a great collector item as well as source of information. If you can only buy one book by Houdini, by this one.

1st edition, 1920, Will Goldston Limited, London; 80 pages.

  1. Photograph - Ira E. Davenport and "Houdini".
  2. Foreword
  3. For Opening of Rope Act
  4. A Simple Release
  5. The Kellar Tie
  6. The Knotted Rope Tie
  7. Another Knotted Rope
  8. The Twin-Rope Tie
  9. The Jacobi Tie
  10. Three Effects with the Handcuff Tie
  11. An Added Effect for Handcuff Tie
  12. The Tom Fool Knot
  13. The Double-Header
  14. The Volunteer Release
  15. The Revenge Tie
  16. A Good Chair Tie
  17. An Interlude
  18. The Comedy Tie
  19. The Thumb Tie
  20. Another Method
  21. The Handkerchief Release
  22. The Clothes Line Tie
  23. Simplex Tie
  24. Under-Water Escape
  25. Spectacular Escapes
  26. The Big Wheel Release
  27. The North American Indian Tie
  28. The Russian Transport Tie
  29. Slade's Knots
  30. The Cotton-Bandage Test
  31. Houdini's "Full View of Audience" Release
  32. The Turned Vest
  33. Sack Escapes
  34. An Easy Sack Escape
  35. The Broomstick Escape
  36. Lock and Chain Sack Escape
  37. The Spirit Sack
  38. Double Sack Challenge Escape

word count: 17557 which is equivalent to 70 standard pages of text

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