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How To Make Your Eyes Flash by Devin Knight

A classic effect from the early days of magic catalogs. An effect that every kid wanted to order so he could impress his friends. Ads for this trick appeared in early Boy's Life and in comic books. It's an effect that is still effective today but is almost forgotten.

It is a little known secret that is even being used by some rock bands today to make their eyes flash during concerts.

Here is the ad copy from an early Vick Lawston magic catalog.

EFFECT: Create a real magical effect! Used by many magicians. By simply blinking your eyes open and shut, it seems as if streaks of lightning with sparks are apparently flashing out of your eyes. The more you blink, the more sparks and flashes seem to fly from your eyes. Easy to do, no wires, and no chemicals used. Absolutely safe and startles everyone. Complete secret and routine. Hurry.

The effect is fully explained in this PDF. It is suitable for magicians, clowns, hypnotist and yes even rock bands. A secret worth knowing and something that will create much talk during your shows.

No contact lens. No batteries. No magnets. No wires. No electronics. Nothing touches your actual eye. Hands-free operation. Sets up in 10 seconds. Can be done anywhere, on the street, clubs and shows completely surrounded by people. No sleight of hand needed. Can be done by anyone, even non-magicians Totally safe.


"Oh wow! I was eager to try this out after reading the PDF. I stood in front of the mirror and fooled myself. Now I can't wait to try this in front of my audiences. I've always wanted to be able to apparently make lightning shoot out of my eyes and NOW I CAN! Get this if you want to do something cool at a great bargain!" - Robert Marsi

1st edition 2012, 5 pages.
word count: 1102 which is equivalent to 4 standard pages of text

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