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Publicity Secrets 1: How To Stop A Moving Car With Your Mind
by Devin Knight

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Publicity Secrets 1: How To Stop A Moving Car With Your Mind by Devin Knight

One of the greatest publicity effects ever conceived that can result in free front page publicity worth thousands of dollars.

The effect is that a reporter drives YOUR car while you sit in the front seat on a back country road. After considerable concentration, you cause the engine to stall, and the car coasts to a stop. No attempt by the reporter will start the car. Finally, you get out of the car and place your hands on the hood and concentrate. The reporter is now able to start the car! Another variation has another car passing by that is caused to stall and stops dead in the highway. This can make for a nice heated exchange between you and the other driver that will be reported in the newspaper.

Both versions have a happy ending as the performer uses his psychic powers to make both cars start!


This is an amazing publicity stunt. It appears in print for the first time. The performer stands in front of a newspaper office along with a reporter and causes a car driving by to suddenly stall and stop using the powers of his mind. The stopped car will NOT start and blocks traffic, until the performer comes to the rescue. The performer goes over, touches the hood of the car and it starts.

No pipe dreams. Real workable methods used by Devin Knight and easily done by you. This is the kind of stuff legends are made from. Even if you do not use the information, it is worth buying the e-book to see how Devin pulled these stunts off.

NOTE: Some of this information appeared in the Blindfolded Car, but this is a great expanded release with more information. The Stopping Cars In Front Of A Newspaper Office appears in print for the first time. It alone is worth the price of the e-book for those who will use it.

2nd revised edition 2012, 13 pages.

word count: 3389 which is equivalent to 13 standard pages of text

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