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How to M.C. And Put A Show Together
by Jimmy Muir & B. W. McCarron


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How to M.C. And Put A Show Together by Jimmy Muir & B. W. McCarron

Many performers are called upon, at one time or another, to host a show. Now you can prepare yourself in advance, to deliver a dynamic and exciting performance. Whether it's for a talent show, a two-hour evening show, or a variety telethon in front of a TV audience, being the Master of Ceremonies can be a fun and rewarding experience - if you know what you're doing.

The authors, who have performed as emcees for magic shows, beauty pageants, fairs, outdoor festivals, in hotels, and on theatre stages for hundreds of performances, reveal all their tips and secrets in this easy-to-understand guidebook. No matter what your current experience level, in no time at all, you'll look like a seasoned pro.

In How to Emcee, you'll learn how the professionals:

  • Decide when and when not to accept an M.C. gig.
  • Develop an onstage persona.
  • Research the performance venue.
  • Work with the various acts to ensure their needs are met.
  • Handle an act that already has an introductory script.
  • Set the stage.
  • Work with a cue sheet.
  • Develop their microphone technique.
  • "Work" the audience to gain extra applause.
  • Maintain a good pace for the show.
  • Get the most from the lighting and sound crews.
  • Don't get left "holding the bag" for show rental costs.
  • Work the dress rehearsal.
  • Perform "fill-in" material when an act can't go on.
  • Maintain order backstage.
  • Ensure excellent communication with the stage director and technicians.
  • Avoid getting burned with wireless PA gear.
  • Get the audience ready before the curtain rises.
  • Handle audiences when alcohol is served.
  • Perform warm-up material.
  • Work to constantly improve their act.
  • Add versatility to ensure a full booking calendar.
  • Start out with a new act or in a new territory.
  • Set their fee to ensure they don't over- or undercharge.
  • Find an agent and understand how this affects future gigs.
  • Handle promotion to ensure their name is always in the spotlight.
  • How to get valuable free publicity.
  • Find excellent material that fits their style.
A thousand dollars worth of valuable experience and advice, distilled into one handy "How-To" ebook. Earn extra income and prestige by becoming a Master of Ceremonies -- you'll be glad you did!

1st edition ~1949, PDF 40 pages.
word count: 12197 which is equivalent to 48 standard pages of text


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