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Howard A. Adams

Howard A. Adams

Born ~1930. Lived in Buffalo, NY. Started magic with 13 seeing nite club magician Karl Norman.

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Howard A. Adams
The Chinaman's Paper Caper by Howard A. Adams

A prize winning paper folding and cutting routine with only a double sheet of newspaper and a pair of scissors.

The routine utilizes all the paper producing a whole succession of objects while you are telling an amusing story. In the introduction Ken de Courcy writes:

THE CHINAMAN'S PAPER CAPER is a most satisfying trick. To begin with, it is unusual because it utilises all of the paper. Second, it requires just one 'double' sheet of newspaper, and a pair of scissors. Third, in case you think our enthusiasm has run riot, it has already won two awards in America; "The Magic Dungeon Academy Trophy for...

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