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The Chinaman's Paper Caper
by Howard A. Adams


(3 customer ratings) ★★★

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The Chinaman's Paper Caper by Howard A. Adams

A prize winning paper folding and cutting routine with only a double sheet of newspaper and a pair of scissors.

The routine utilizes all the paper producing a whole succession of objects while you are telling an amusing story. In the introduction Ken de Courcy writes:

THE CHINAMAN'S PAPER CAPER is a most satisfying trick. To begin with, it is unusual because it utilises all of the paper. Second, it requires just one 'double' sheet of newspaper, and a pair of scissors. Third, in case you think our enthusiasm has run riot, it has already won two awards in America; "The Magic Dungeon Academy Trophy for the Best New Trick of the New Year", and also "The Young Sorcerer's Association Trophy". Fourth, Howard Adams based it on a trick by Alan Ward that appeared in the very first issue of The Magigram. Fifth, it is a most entertaining routine that is easy to learn. What more can one ask!

Just a pair of scissors and a double sheet of newspaper and you are all set to present a complete little act - highly entertaining, original and easy to learn. It is a most satisfying trick for it utilizes all of the paper.

A few folds and cuts are made as the story (in rhyme; supplied) is told. The result is a whole succession of objects, hat, coin, boat, star, T. V . screen etc., represented by the 'cut-out' paper shapes.

An extension of an older idea, the result here is surprise and appreciation of your cleverness. If you want an act that is always ready, requires no special props, just a newspaper and a pair of scissors, can be seen and understood anywhere, comes complete with three patter presentations and fully detailed, clearly illustrated instructions, then this little gem is for you.

1st edition 1967, PDF 10 pages.
word count: 1296 which is equivalent to 5 standard pages of text