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by Alan Rorrison


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HypnoMSN by Alan Rorrison

This is incredible. Technology enabled magic at its best. You will read this and say: "No way, impossible, how can that be?" This effect creates the illusion that you hypnotize someone to forget their MSN live password! They will not be able to login until you want them to - while they sit at their computer potentially half way around the world from you. No gimmicks no kidding. You will control if they can login or not. It's the effect that has secured Alan more bookings via online communication than any other effect.


You offer a small display of hypnotism over Windows Live. You do not need to have a voice conversation on, just text and a willing participant. All they need to do is read your words, trust the instructions and follow them. Once your spectator agrees you start by sending them a short message with the hypnotic induction.

"I would like you to focus on one icon on your desktop. Any icon will do but keep your eyes on it and start to count down from 10 to 1 in your mind. As you hit 1 I would like you to close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths. Then count back up from 1 to 10 as you hit 10 your eyes will open and to your amazement you will have forgotten your MSN password."

"You WILL have one in your mind but it will be incorrect. Log out of MSN and shut it right down, when you load it up and try to come back in you will fail to remember the correct password. You can try 2, 3 or even 100 times but you will not remember the pass word unless you look at your icon and relax again. Go ahead and try. Ill be hear waiting for your return."

To them, this is what happens. They will read and follow your instructions and to their amazement they will forget the correct password. Then as they look at the icon it will become clear. It plays just like it reads and with Alan's method you can do it in group conversations of up to 5 people at any one time.

You will receive a PDF that will explain everything and a Windows executable that will allow you to perform this effect for up to 5 people simultaneously. Keep in mind that no software or anything like it needs to be sent to your spectator. All they do is have a conversation with you via MSN Live. The rest is all controlled from your PC.

1st edition 2009; PDF 9 pages + Windows executable

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