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Hypnosis by Ralf Wichmann-Braco & Ted Lesley

An exciting, humorous routine, which combines subtle mentalism with magic! From the fertile mind of Ralf Wichmann-Braco - the German wizard who brought the world of magic some of the most pivotal work on the use of thread, this routine combines the elements of prediction, animation and great humor to stun the audience into believing that a felt tip marker has come to life inside a wooden box.

The magician brings out a wooden box, about the size of a small cigar humidor. He borrows an object from a spectator. The object is placed inside a small cardboard box. Then this box and a felt tip marker are placed inside the wooden box, alongside a deck of cards which has been wrapped with a rubber band. A spectator then selects a card from a second deck of cards. The card is returned to the deck, and the deck is placed aside. After a few seconds, a bit of noise is heard coming from the box. When the box is opened, the magician proves that the felt tip marker has come to life, removed the card from the deck, looked inside the small cardboard box, and has written the name of the borrowed object on the back of the selected card, which it has then reinserted into the deck, reversed.

Easy to do, and easy to construct, you will find this a routine ready to add to your repertoire.

1st edition, 2003.

  1. Ralf Wichmann - Braco, Ted Lesley, Bill Palmer: short bios
  2. Effect
  3. Method, Requirements
  4. Presentation
  5. The Script
  6. Notes and Remarks
  7. How to force a card with the "Criss Cross" force
  8. Additional Thoughts by Richard Osterlind
  9. Special Acknowledgements

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