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I. Prendergast

I. Prendergast

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I. Prendergast
Spook Mystery by I. Prendergast

A classic text that exposes the actual methods employed by fraudulent mediums and psychics!

Written by a lawman-turned psychic detective, this is the real work that lays bare how unscrupulous operators fleeced their victims while posing as mediums and spirit guides. Robert A. Nelson, purveyor of all things psychic, praised this work in his early catalogs.

Descriptions and methods described include:

  • Spirit Paintings
  • Spirit Table that Talks
  • Mental Thought Projection in Lighted Room
  • Producing Spirits in Vacant Room
  • Materalization Seance
  • Mental Telepathy - Second Sight Reading
  • Parlor Clairvoyance ...
★★★★★ $8
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