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Spook Mystery
by I. Prendergast


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Spook Mystery by I. Prendergast

A classic text that exposes the actual methods employed by fraudulent mediums and psychics!

Written by a lawman-turned psychic detective, this is the real work that lays bare how unscrupulous operators fleeced their victims while posing as mediums and spirit guides. Robert A. Nelson, purveyor of all things psychic, praised this work in his early catalogs.

Descriptions and methods described include:

  • Spirit Paintings
  • Spirit Table that Talks
  • Mental Thought Projection in Lighted Room
  • Producing Spirits in Vacant Room
  • Materalization Seance
  • Mental Telepathy - Second Sight Reading
  • Parlor Clairvoyance
  • Dark Trumpet Seance
  • Methods of Crystal Gazing
  • Faro Box Fake
  • Blackboard Method
  • Hand Fake Method
  • Metal Ball Fake
  • Crystal Stand Fake
  • Methods of Spirit Slate Work
  • Nine Slate Method
  • Double Slate Switch
  • Three Slate Method
  • Spirit writing on one Slate
  • Spirit Message on Mirror, in the Light
  • Spirit Writing on Business Card in the Light
  • Spirits Play Tambourine, Ring Bells, Break Dishes, and Write Messages on a School Slate in the Light
  • Spirit Table Raps in Light
  • Spirit Table Tipping in Light
The ebook has been completely reset in new type, with some minor editing performed by B.W. McCarron. A reproduction of the full-page advertisement from the Nelson Enterprises 1927 Catalogue Number Six is also included.

1st edition 1926. First eBook edition 2015. PDF format. 110 pages.
word count: 15844 which is equivalent to 63 standard pages of text