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Ian Quick

Ian Quick

Rekindling an old childhood passion, Ian Quick has been intimately involved with magic since 1992. Over these years Ian has had numerous performances for private clients as well as some of the largest corporate clients in the country, including Bell, the Bay, and Compaq to name a few.

Says Ian Quick, "I was ready to show the world my magic, but what I needed was an audience. I began performing part-time on weekends, all the while keeping my day job. Many of my peers saw the success I was suddenly having and began asking me for tips, just as I had asked Elliott a few years before. These were all competent magicians who could perform great shows, but didn't know where to find an audience.

One-and-a-half years into writing the book, when we began editing, I felt I had learned enough from the book and was ready to take the leap and switch from part-time to full-time. Now I make a better living than I did as a lawyer, and I love what I do!" —Ian Quick, Magician


Coauthors: Elliott Smith

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Elliott Smith & Ian Quick
Highway to Success: a complete guide to the business of being an entertainer by Elliott Smith & Ian Quick

Highway to Success: The Entertainer's Roadmap to Business created by entertainers for entertainers is the complete guide to the business of being an entertainer. Entertainers need more than talent to be truly successful … they need to mind their business, too!

With over 50 years of combined experience as professional magicians, entertainers and businessmen, the authors have put together a proven business system that works. It will equip you with the knowledge to successfully set up, operate and thrive as a part-time or full-time professional entertainer - ideal for any type of entertainer...

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