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Illusion Show Know-How
by Ken Griffin & Roberta


(1 review, 4 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Illusion Show Know-How by Ken Griffin & Roberta

The Ken Griffin illusion show toured the world for well over a quarter of a century. The priceless ideas and methods used by the Griffins in their climb to prominence and profit are fully explained.

Almost every magician has dreamed, at one time or another, of headlining his own mystery revue. He visualizes the glamorous side of the picture ... the stage flooded with colored and glittering lights, the dazzling scenery, the gorgeous assistants, breathtaking illusions, the music from the orchestra surging to a crescendo, the thunderous cymbal crash as the magician strides on stage for his opening bow to tumultuous applause! This can become reality but what is missing in that dream is the important Know-How living this way of life. The traveling and living out of a suitcase, the advertising, the routining of the show, the packing and the unpacking, theatrical know-how, etc., etc. In Illusion Show Know-How, Ken and Roberta Griffin disclose not only their time-tested ways of operating a big show but give you all the information needed to go along with the other aspects of this business.

An important part of the ebook deals with presenting stage illusions. Experts agree that fully 80% of the effectiveness of magic depends on its presentation. There are thirty-one detailed line drawings giving exact measurements for building props and scenery, plus seventy-three photographs. You'll learn all the secrets of backstage life plus the know-how that ordinarily takes a lifetime to learn.

Here you have all the know-how of the illusion show. This will be one of your favorite ebooks. Even though you may never take out "the big one" you'll be enlightened to its inner workings. Even if you do just a small act you'll still learn much valuable know-how. Several years in preparation, never before has such a complete and authoritative book on touring a big show been published. The profession demanded it. Ken and Roberta Griffin created it and Abbott's have published it and offer it to you for your enlightenment and glorification.

  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: Can Anyone Be A Magician?
  • Chapter 2: Routining The Show
  • Chapter 3: Blocking
  • Chapter 4: Showmanship, Presentation, Misdirection
  • Chapter 5: Audience Reaction
  • Chapter 6: Volunteer Assistants
  • Chapter 7: Tips On Presenting Illusions
    • Part 1 The Levitation
    • Part 2 Substitution Trunk
    • Part 3 The Bloodless Surgery -- Buzz Saw
    • Part 4 Sawing A Woman In Half
    • Part 5 The Disembodied Lady
    • Part 6 Guillotine
    • Part 7 The Haunted Totem Lodge (Temple Of Benares--Jack Gwynne)
    • Part 8 Super Vanish Extraordinary
    • Part 9 Shooting An Arrow Thru A Girl
    • Part 10 The Super X Suspension
    • Part 10 Super X In A Box
    • Part 11 The Glass Lined Trunk
    • Part 12 Loyd’s Prediction Chest
    • Part 13 Cutting A Girl In Sixths
    • Part 14 The Vanishing Radio
    • Part 15 Giant Square Circle
  • Chapter 8: Assistants
    • Jewelry
    • Carrying Filled Glasses On A Tray
    • Dress In The Same Order
  • Chapter 9: Wardrobe For Women
    • Types Of Costumes To Wear
    • Ready Mades
    • Overdress: Quick Changes
    • Pep Up An Old Costume
    • What Do You Use For Patterns?
    • Head Decorations Or Hats
    • Gloves And Gauntlets
    • Dust Ruffles
    • Zippers
    • Snaps, Hooks And Eyes
    • Velcro 85
    • Care Of Wardrobe
    • Coveralls
    • Costumes For Usherettes
    • Keeping Costumes In Character
    • If You Are Appearing On Tv
  • Chapter 10: Wardrobe For Men
    • For Assistants
  • Chapter 11: Flats And Scenery
    • Hinges Or Tumblers
    • Lash Lines
    • Painting The Scenery
    • Special Techniques
    • Quick Change Of Scenery
    • A Small Curtain Or Back Drop
  • Chapter 12: Advertising
    • Part 1 The Press Release
    • Part 2 Posters
    • Part 3 Radio Advertising
    • Part 4 Cuts Mats And Proofs
    • Part 5 Brochures
    • Part 6 Direct Mailing
  • Chapter 13: Photographs
  • Chapter 14: Getting Your Mail General Delivery
  • Chapter 15: Periodicals
  • Chapter 16: Stage Terms
  • Chapter 17: Superstitions
  • Chapter 18: Novelty Acts
  • Chapter 19: Make-Up
  • Chapter 20: Lighting Portable Foot And Side Lights
  • Chapter 21: Sound-Music-Voice
  • Chapter 22: Stages And Load Out Crews
  • Chapter 23: Carrying Cases
  • Chapter 24: Stage Brats Or Trouping Children
  • Chapter 25: A Typical Day With A Touring Illusion Show
  • Chapter 26: Manners For Magicians
  • Chapter 27: Decorating The Props
  • Chapter 28: The Finale

PDF 193 pages
word count: 70817 which is equivalent to 283 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Allen Brannum
★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 04 January, 2017

"Illusion Show Know How" is an extremely valuable real world experience book. The information about living/working on the road, especially when it was written in a pre-internet, pre-celluar world, served me well. The chapter on how to get your mail on the road was worth many times the cost of the book, but not now, since the USPS is no longer one’s lifeline to communication.