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Stage Illusions
by Will Goldston


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Stage Illusions by Will Goldston

From the introduction:

This is an age in which, in order to succeed, one must specialise. One conjuror will specialise in thought-reading tricks, another in silent illusion acts, another in sleight-of-hand tricks, another in the presentation of what I may call “large apparatus” tricks. This book will appeal primarily to illusionists, but I fancy that other magicians will find that it is well worth perusal. I have heard of illusionists who have produced some of their best effects by merely enlarging small sleight-of-hand tricks, and I have no doubt that some sleight-of-hand performers have been equally successful in devising new tricks by merely watching illusionists at work and “reducing” the illusions to drawing-room size.

  • Introduction

    PART I. Illusions in which an Assistant appears

  • The Mysterious Lady
  • An Indian Basket Trick
  • An Effective Change
  • A Good Levitation
  • The Glass-lined Trunk
  • The Vanishing Trunk
  • The Golden Fly
  • The Flower Girl
  • The Vanishing Lady
  • An Improved Vanishing Lady
  • A Furnished Drawing-Room and Lady produced from Nowhere
  • An Oriental Dish
  • The Rapid Transit
  • Phantom Decapitation
  • Two Sack Tricks
  • Cremation Illusions

    PART II. Miscellaneous Illusions

  • Two Tubs
  • The Spirit Blackboard
  • The Growth of Flowers
  • Sham Spiritualism
  • The Drum which can't be Beaten
  • Novel Mirror Illusion
  • The Vanishing Sketch
  • Conradi's Coin-Ladder
  • The Cauldron of Macbeth
  • A Table from a Shawl
  • The Vanishing Lamp
  • The Latest Spirit Picture
  • An Inexhaustible Coffee Pot produced from an Empty Table
  • Materializing a Table
  • The Crystal Chest
  • The East to West Mystery
  • The Escape of Cinderella
  • Original Flying Handkerchiefs Illusion
  • The Gambler's Bride Illusion

1st edition 1912, 112 pages; PDF 80 pages.
word count: 16927 which is equivalent to 67 standard pages of text