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I'm Not Afraid
by Mackenzie Gant & B. W. McCarron

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I'm Not Afraid by Mackenzie Gant & B. W. McCarron

If you suffer from any kind of performance anxiety (and Kellar, Thurston, Houdini, and many prominent present-day performers have had to deal with it, too), this could be the best purchase you'll ever make.

There's nothing like the healthy satisfaction or "natural high" that comes from giving a great performance. Yet if you suffer from performance anxiety (commonly known as stage fright), then you're missing out on one of the best feelings that entertainers can experience. When you're ready to rid yourself of these demons, this manuscript contains 40 proven ideas that have helped others like you to put aside their stage fright and step up to the stage or podium with confidence.

Not just for magicians, this information will be valued by every public performer from musicians to comics to lecturers. Parents, too, will want these secrets for their son or daughter who gets stage nerves when he or she stands up to recite or play the piano. This is not some huge encyclopedia, written in medical jargon. Everything in this manuscript is explained in clear, understandable language. An hour or so of reading is all it takes to open your eyes to the amazing secrets that have enabled normal, ordinary people to overcome their fear of performing to become popular public speakers and entertainers.

Consider this inside information to help make your existing magic investments pay big dividends. You no longer need to hide your tricks and props in a closet or on a shelf, when you can put them to use for their intended purpose - entertainment - and derive additional value and enjoyment from them. There's no stigma about ordering. Many of the biggest names in the entertainment world have admitted to having stage fright. Yet they went on to overcome it. Now, so can you.

Contains 40 tips, ideas, and practical suggestions for reducing or eliminating performance anxiety. While the material is geared toward those in the entertainment profession, the information can be applied by anyone who gives presentations (business people, teachers, sales professionals).

1st edition 1944, PDF 32 pages.
word count: 8613 which is equivalent to 34 standard pages of text