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Impact by Aldo Colombini

Cards, coins, ropes, and rings.

From Lothar Malmberg's introduction:

Between the covers of this book, you will find effects which are both quick and fun to perform, as well as items which play longer and are more involved. I think that you will especially enjoy the effects using ropes because Aldo introduces some clever new twists, which, if put together with your own Cut and Restored or Professor's Nightmare routines, will make a winning combination!

  • Introduction
  • Turn Over Revelation: Two selected cards are revealed in a spectacular way!
  • Boom-Boomer!
  • Twice Cato: Two cards are revealed in quite a different way!
  • Capricorn: A deck with a hole through all the cards is separated into two halves. A spectator selects a card and replaces it. This half is then tied with a rope which is passed through the hole. The selected card vanishes from that half and reappears face up in the other half. Not only that, it is the only card having a different colored back!
  • Flip Aces: The magician produces the four Aces by magic.
  • One, Two, Three, Four Aces: The magician changes the four Aces into four different cards. Those cards will find the Aces.
  • Cups And Knots: The performer presents a routine with rope, knots and cups. Knots penetrate through the cups, etc. At the end two JUMBO knots appear.
  • Hoax: A strange looking way to vanish a coin.
  • Fantastrick: This is a card revelation under seemingly impossible conditions.
  • Tip-Top: The magician shows several cards with clowns, having different colored noses. A spectator selects a clown and the performer is seen to have the same colored clown nose...on his nose!
  • Stop: A deck is shuffled and then cut into two packets on the table. One half is again shuffled and a spectator peeks at a card. The cards are shuffled and dealt one at a time, face-up, onto the table. The chosen card is gone!
  • Transpo Ink: Four cards each with a black spot in the center, and four cards with a red spot in the center are freely shown on both sides. The four black spots are placed on the table to the performer’s right and the red spots to his left. One by one a black spot card changes place with a red spot card until all four black spot cards are on the performer’s left and vice versa.
  • Off: A finger ring is threaded onto a rope, and then it’s released in a magical manner.
  • Aye: The two black Jacks are removed from the deck and placed face-up on the table. An unknown card is placed between the two Jacks, face-down. A spectator takes a card, and this card is seen to be the one previously placed between the Jacks.
  • The Car
  • Elevate
  • Just In Case: A selected card vanishes from the pack and is found sandwiched between four Court cards, placed within the card case, by a spectator.
  • Knot On
  • Upper-Cut: A two-handed false cut flourish
  • H-D-T-Y: A red King vanishes from one packet and appears reversed in another. The handling is easy and the effect has a certain subtle charm about it.
  • Solo-Switch
  • Trailers
  • Nit-Sirk Coin: The performer asks for three cards from the deck. With these he creates a card castle around the tabled deck. A coin is then caused to vanish and reappear within the castle.
  • No Crimp Pyramid
  • Move With Rings And Rope
  • Spinning Plate On Hindu Rope
  • Reverse Twentieth Century Rings: The performer removes the center ring of a chain of three rings, but the two rings, top and bottom, link together.
  • Thumb - Snap - Linking
  • Sleight Of Mouth: Three coins penetrate through a handkerchief with a comedy finish.
  • Shuttle
  • Knotty: A knot, tied in the middle of a piece of white rope, slides to one end, then the other; then changes color.
  • Ace-Mbly: The four Aces change places with a blank card. At the end, all the Ace’s pips are together on one card, leaving four blank-face cards.
  • Snappy: Four small coins are arranged in a square. The coins are covered with playing cards. One by one, three coins are vanished and found beneath the fourth card. The coins are instantly back at the four corners of the square.
  • Discre-Panza: The performer places three cards on the table. A spectator selects a card and it is the other card to make a perfect four-of-a-kind poker hand.
  • Royal Progression: The four Kings vanish, one after the other, from each of four packets and at the end, they change into Aces.
  • Taurus: Two Kings find a selected card.
  • Direct Prediction: The performer leaves two cards on the table. The spectator selects a ‘couple’ (two paired cards) and they are the duplicates of the performer’s two.
  • Fooler! The performer cuts the deck into four packets. The four Kings are placed on top of each packet. They change into four Aces.
  • W-Hole Oil And Water
  • Laser Cup: A chop cup is set mouth down on the table. Three small balls appear under the cup. The three balls are vanished and a large multi-colored ball appears under the cup.
  • Flipper
  • Jackpot
  • Topper
  • Incredi-Box: Three coins pass from an Okito Box to underneath a playing card by magic.
  • W-Hole
  • Kayak
    • Air Mail
    • Express Transposition
    • Hands Only
    • Chinese Coin
    • Karate Cho
    • The Magnified Coin
  • Pom Pom Cups: The pom-poms penetrate through single, double and triple cups during the routine. At the end, the three pompoms are vanished and three large balls are revealed.
  • Con - Fusion
  • On And Off: This routine comprises three different effects: 1) a knot penetration; 2) an almost-visible melt-through; 3) two rings are on the rope and the chosen ring of the two penetrates the rope.
  • Double Match
  • Black Hole Magic: The four Aces vanish and reappear beneath a felt Black hole.
  • Never Ending Story
  • Spot Card
  • Odyssey
  • Incubus: The magician shows three ropes of equal length. Suddenly the ropes become three of unequal length. Finally, the three ropes become equal once more.
  • Hurricane
  • Desperado: The magician shows four Jokers. Two are placed aside and one card is selected from the deck: an Ace. Two of the Jokers become Aces and the fourth Ace appears sandwiched between the other two Jokers.
  • The Boss: Four Kings are placed on the table to the left and three indifferent cards to the right. One after another the cards change places. Then the three Kings are alternated with the three indifferent cards but they separate, just like oil and water.
  • Appendix A
    • Elmsley Count
    • Flustration Count
    • Biddle Grip/Count
    • Spirit Count
    • Ascanio Spread
    • Braue Reversal
    • Olram Subtlety
    • Buckle Count
    • Jordan Count
    • Cross Force
    • Dingle/Schneider Pick-Up Move
    • Down/Under Shuffle
    • Mexican Turnover
    • Braue Add-On
    • Slip Cut
    • Illogical Double Lift
    • Daleys Deceipt Move
    • Han Ping Chien
    • Double Undercut
    • Cato Move
    • Reverse Faro (Zig Zag Shuffle)
    • Click Pass
    • Kick Move (Larry Jennings)
    • Rainbow Deck
    • Classic Palm

1st edition 1991, 144 pages; PDF 130 pages.
word count: 36898 which is equivalent to 147 standard pages of text