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Improved Little Strangers
by Devin Knight & Bob Hummer


(3 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Improved Little Strangers by Devin Knight & Bob Hummer

Using your own deck or a borrowed deck, you turn your back to the spectator. The spectator can shuffle the deck while your back is turned. The spectator removes the top 15 cards from the pack just as they come. From those 15 cards he is to remove all the black cards and put them in his front left pants pocket. The remaining red cards, he counts and then places them in his right front pants pocket.

Next, he takes a few more cards from the remaining deck, the number to correspond the number of red cards in his right pants pocket. If he placed 7 cards there, he would remove from the deck face down 7 more cards. He does the same thing with these few cards by separating the blacks from the red. The black cards are placed in his rear back left (hip) pocket and the reds go into his right rear hip pocket.

That is all he does and remember the magician's back is turned the entire time. The process is easy and not complicated. The magician turns around and picks up the remaining cards. He runs through them saying he is trying to get vibrations from certain cards in order to make two predictions. He removes some cards and puts them in a closed packet on the right side of the table. He looks through the deck again and puts a few cards in a closed packet face down on the left side of the table. He says these two piles are predictions.

Putting the rest of the deck aside, the performer says he will try to discern how many red cards are in the front right pocket and how many black cards are in the left front pocket. Despite seemingly impossible odds, the performer correctly tells the spectator how many cards are in each front pocket. The spectator then removes the cards from each pocket and the performer is seen to be 100% correct. For example, the performer may say the person has 10 red cards in his right pocket and 5 black cards in his left pocket. He tells the spectator what is in each pocket before the spectator removes the cards from either pocket. This is extremely baffling, as it eliminates the idea of using the process of elimination.

The performer calls attention to the prediction piles on the table. He says the right pile will correspond with the amount of red cards in the spectator's right rear pocket. He turns over the pile and counts the cards, there are exactly 6 red cards. The spectator then removes the cards from his back pocket and shows there are also 6 red cards there.

Finally, the spectator is asked to remove the black cards from his rear left pocket. Assume he has 4 black cards. The performer turns over the pile of cards on the left side and there are exactly 4 black cards in that pile!

An unfathomable mystery that looks like real psychic ability. I think it would have fooled Einstein. You will even fool yourself each time you perform it wondering how such a thing is possible. There is even a version included that uses four empty ungimmicked card boxes to hold the cards instead of pockets. Yet, you are able to correctly reveal the number of cards and the color in each box. Everything can be examined. This is mentalism at its best.

1st edition 2018, 11 pages.
word count: 2950 which is equivalent to 11 standard pages of text