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Die-Bolical ACAAN
by Biagio Fasano


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Die-Bolical ACAAN by Biagio Fasano

ACAAN is a genre of card magic and mentalism effect that has now become a classic since it was first proposed by the great David Berglas, who was the first to call it "Any card At Any Number".

This version of mine is very easy to perform but, if well presented, will be likely to arouse great amazement among both magicians and lay audiences, and can be performed as well in Close-Up as on Stage. It simply requires an ordinary deck of 52 cards and possibly a pair of very ordinary six-sided dice (but it can also be just imaginary dice for each of which the spectators will decide the score), and you will just have to accompany it with a good presentation.

It will be precisely the two dice thrown (or imagined) by the spectator that will decide first the CARD (first die determines the suite, the sum of both die determine the value of the card) and then the NUMBER (the two dice are read as the two digits of a number), i.e., the position in which it will be incredibly found in the deck initially shown by the illusionist and shuffled, then placed on the table without his having had a chance to touch it again until the end of the experiment.

1st edition 2022, PDF 7 pages.
word count: 2468 which is equivalent to 9 standard pages of text

Reviewed by hal barlow (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Tuesday 13 December, 2022

This is not strictly ACAAN, but close, and quite clever. I fooled myself when I tried it out. Probably the best dice and cards trick I have seen.

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