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Johnny Thompson

Johnny Thompson

(Chicago, Illinois: 27th July 1934 - 9th March 2019)

Born of Polish-Sicilian father and Irish-Polish mother named Lankowski. Adopted at early age by the Thompsons. Learned around age 8 from a Mysto Magic set and reading Erdnase. Debut at age 12 at amusement park. Pro close-up and stage. Works stage as "The Great Tomsoni and Company", the "Company" being his assistant-wife Pamela "Pam" Hayes.

1977 and 1982 AMA Stage Magician of the Year. 1986 AMA Performing Fellowship. Introduced a "Thurston" pastiche act at 1989 IBM Convention. AMA Board of Directors 1990-93. 1992 Dragon Award with Pam.

Authored (edited and ghosted by Jeff Busby) Polished Polish Prestidigitation (1981, 39pp).

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Johnny Thompson
Vernon's Variant by Johnny Thompson

This is a wonderfully entertaining routine for two (or more) spectators. Each one of the spectators and the performer receives four cards. All go through the same actions of turning over cards and placing them on the top or bottom of their pack. In the end the performers cards are all face down, whereas the spectators cards have a face up card among them. This basic effect is done again two times in fairer and fairer ways.

Very easy to perform. All you need is any double lift and the Elmsley count. You can read the original description of this routine in Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic.

Recorded live at the Convention at the Capital 2000.

runtime: 9min 36s...

★★★★★ $6
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