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Robert Harbin

Robert Harbin

(12th February 1908 - 12th January 1978)

Born in Kokstaad, South Africa. Stage name of Edward Richard Charles "Ned" Williams. Son of a Cornishman. Learned magic as a boy from books. Pro illusionist, initially as "Ned Williams". Moved to London in 1929 at age 19. Took "Robert Harbin" as stage name at his debut at Maskelyne's (St. George's Hall) in 1932. In WW II toured with ENSA. Toured Canada and the USA in 1949-50, ending with a week at the New York Palace. TV bit on NBC-TV's 1957 "Festival of Magic" show. Worked cruise ships in last few years.

Prolific inventor of stage illusions, including Vanishing Radio (early 1940s), Dippy Magnet (1950), Stonehenge (1950), Block Control (1950), Little Tipler (by 1965), Topsy-Turvy, Assistant's Revenge, and Zig-Zag (1965), the last being one of the most famous of all illusions.

1970 Magic Circle "Magician of the Year" award. 1971 AMA Creative Fellowship. 1976 AMA Masters Fellowship. SAM Hall of Fame.

Coauthors: Al Baker, Roy Benson, Al Flosso, Leo (Mohammed Bey) Horowitz, "Think-a-Drink" Hoffman, Eugene Laurant, Magini, Miaco, Russell Swann, Ian Adair

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Robert Harbin & Ian Adair

Instant Origami by Robert Harbin & Ian Adair'Origami' is the Japanese name for paper folding. It is educational, skillful and certainly has beautiful results. As the folder smoothly bends and creases a piece of paper an intricate model materializes ... it's creative. Robert Harbin and Ian Adair have gone further. Instant Origami has the same pleasing result of origami folding but with an interesting magical theme. The beauty about the working is its simplicity.

EFFECT - The performer explains that he would like to show the spectators 'Origami', and explains that it is an art which is most relaxing and many thousands of models can be...

2020 / 11 / 16

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Al Baker & Roy Benson & Al Flosso & Robert Harbin & Leo (Mohammed Bey) Horowitz & "Think-a-Drink" Hoffman & Eugene Laurant & Magini & Miaco & Russell Swann

Our Mysteries by Al Baker & Roy Benson & Al Flosso & Robert Harbin & Leo (Mohammed Bey) Horowitz & "Think-a-Drink" Hoffman & Eugene Laurant & Magini & Miaco & Russell SwannA wonderful selection of tricks illustrated by Harlan Tarbell with an introduction by John Mulholland. For each author a short biographical sketch is included at the end of the book.

THE FINGER KNOWS—AND TELLS (Al Baker) A truly amazing example of mind reading.

THE GLASS TRICK (Roy Benson) An instantaneous, and seemingly impossible, disappearance of a handkerchief.

SEVEN COINS (Al Flosso) A clever sleight to cause several coins to go from one hand to the other.

THE PIERCED CARDS (Robert Harbin) An excellent manipulative method by which selected cards are caused to appear on a ribbon.

DUO-FLIGHT (Leo Hartz;...

2017 / 10 / 11

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Robert Harbin

The Robert Harbin Book by Robert HarbinThis is a digital facsimile version of the original hardcover book. [The one hardcover I had left has sold. Sorry.]

Back in the 1970s Martin Breese had the chance to record Robert Harbin on one of his early Magicassette releases. The Harbin Magicassette probably rates as the most popular of his recordings.

In 1983 Martin asked the late Owen Griffith to transcribe the words from the Harbin Magicassette. The late and great Eric Mason created the illustrations for The Harbin Book. One day at a business trade fair Martin saw a full scale photo litho printing machine being demonstrated and decided to leap in to the deep end and he bought the demonstration machine and had...

2012 / 5 / 6

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Robert Harbin

Robert Harbin Interview by Robert HarbinMartin Breese interviewed Robert Harbin on March 26th, 1977, not even one year before Harbin's untimely death. The interview took place at Harbin's home in London, England.

Spend 90 minutes listening to Robert Harbin - one of the world's most creative illusionists and inventors. Here is the full life story of the man who invented Zig Zag and a number of other illusions that will be performed by magicians over the years to come. Since making the recording Robert Harbin became ill and died. The words spoken on this tape were used as the basis for The Robert Harbin Book published by Martin Breese....

2007 / 6 / 24

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