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Encyclopedia of Sleeving
by Jack Chanin

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Encyclopedia of Sleeving by Jack Chanin

Excerpt from the foreword by Paul Rosini:

His book on the 3-Shell Game is a classic - but his new one on sleeving is superb. You may benefit from the many years that it has taken Jack to compile and simplify the different tricks in the art of sleeving. It is unbelievable how clean you can do a trick with his new methods, if used moderately.

Sleeving to me is one of my most valuable assets. As you well know, practical magic is what counts, and I have always found it my magical exploits that sleeving has been very practical. In fact, many well known magicians at conventions have passed numerous favorable comments on my sleeving ability, saying they never thought it could be used to such great advantage.

It is with this thought in mind, that I place this book before you bringing to you many things in the art of sleeving that were gained by myself only through years of practical experience. I am sure that when you learn the secrets described here, you will have gained a wealth of knowledge that you will never forget and always use.

  • A "Tiny" Message From Rosini
  • Just A Word To My Many Friends
  • Al Baker Brooklyn, New York
  • Chapter 1 This Is Basically Important
  • Chapter 2 Sleeving
  • Chapter 3 Sleeving A Cigar
  • Chapter 4 Retrieving Cigars, Cigarettes, Coins
  • Chapter 5 Sleeving Cards
  • Chapter 6 J.C. Multiplying Cards
  • Chapter 7 J. C. Six Card Repeat
  • Chapter 8 J. C. An Old Masterpiece
  • Chapter 9 J. C. Mind Reading Supreme
  • Chapter 10 J. C. Have A Smoke
  • Chapter 11 J. C. Making Money
  • Chapter 12 J. C. Wandering Coin
  • Chapter 13 J. C. Pied Piper
  • Chapter 14 J. C. Reincarnation
  • Chapter 15 J. C. The Amazing Yarn
  • Chapter 16 J. C. Stack Of Halves And Quarters
  • Chapter 17 French Drop
  • Chapter 18 J. C. Table Knife From Purse
  • Chapter 19 J. C. Presto-Chango
  • Chapter 20 J. C. Amazing Production
  • Chapter 21 J. C. Snap Vanish
  • Chapter 22 J. C. Up The Sleeve
  • Chapter 23 J. C. Sucker Gag
  • Chapter 24 Another Basic Principle
  • Chapter 25 Basic
  • Chapter 26 J. C. Light At Fingertips
  • Chapter 27 J. C. Cry Buffalo
  • Chapter 28 A Tailor' Dream
  • Chapter 29 Vanishing Spoon
  • Chapter 30 J. C. Squeeze Vanish
  • Chapter 31 J. C. Expanding Die
  • Chapter 32 J. C. Egg-Bag, Billiard Balls, Color Change Knives
  • Chapter 33 Razor Blade Trick, Needles
  • Chapter 34 Watch The Watch

1st edition 1947, 82 pages; PDF 67 pages.
word count: 12951 which is equivalent to 51 standard pages of text