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Jack McMillen

Jack McMillen

(Stockton, California: 19th April 1911 - 14th February 1993)

Learned at age 11 from books, including Hatton and Plate's Magicians' Tricks. Debut at age 12. Railway manager (retired 1976). Semi-pro close-up magician 1930s-80s in San Francisco, including as an instructor at Golden Gate Magic shop. Specialized in gambling demos and card and coin work. 1991 AMA Lifetime Achievement Award.

Invented JM Card Rise (1927), Witchcraft Card Rise (1930), and Astral Vision (by 1942). Wrote Take a Card (1930, 10pp, with Judson Brown) and Sleights & Swindles (15pp). Tricks in Sphinx, Phoenix, and Genii.

Coauthors: Michael Landes

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Michael Landes & Jack McMillen
Jack McMillen by Michael Landes & Jack McMillen

Jack McMillen is famous for his (plunger) card rise. Seventy-five years after first appearing in print, it remains the preferred pure sleight of hand method for the rising cards, as well as a powerful more general concept that can be used as a force or a switch for example. If you are an avid reader of card magic literature you will no doubt have encountered other effects credited to Jack McMillen – for example in Expert Card Technique, but his name tends to slip through and very little is known about him although he is without a doubt one of the great card men of all time.

We have to thank Michael Landes who,...

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