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Judson Brown

Judson Brown

(1910 - Portland, Oregon: 28th August 2005)

Dr. Judson S. Brown was Professor of psychology at Iowa State University and professor emeritus at Oregon Health and Science University. A friend of Jack McMillen and Charlie Miller. Invented progenitors of the Brainwave Deck (by 1929) and the Haunted Deck (by 1933). Wrote Take a Card (1930, 10pp, with Jack McMillen) and contributed to Sphinx, Genii and Linking Ring.

Coauthors: Jack McMillen

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Jack McMillen & Judson Brown
Take a Card by Jack McMillen & Judson Brown

This hard-to-find book of eleven clever card effects was ahead of its time and still plays well to today's audiences. While not self-working, magicians with ordinary card ability can do them all.

The effects include:

  • An Instantaneous Detection
  • The Haunted Whisper
  • The Hazy Pips
  • From Another Deck
  • A Joker Location
  • Another Joker Location
  • Blowing the Pips
  • A New Reverse Location
  • Upside Down
  • The Phantom Pips
  • Topsy-Turvy Location

Acclaimed by close-up masters including Dai Vernon and Charlie Miller, McMillen and Brown were known as the most skillful card performers on the Pacific coast. Those who knew...

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