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Charlie Miller

Charlie Miller

(Indianapolis, Indiana: 25 May 1909 - 13 August 1989)

Inspired by and learned magic from older brother at age 7. Moved to El Paso, Texas, at age 19. Moved to Los Angeles in 1933. Professional card sharp (until 1950s) and reported inventor of the notorious "beanshooter" holdout device. Semi-pro sleight-of-hand. Voted into the 12-member New York "Inner Circle" in 1936, despite living in the remote town of El Paso. Voted one of the 10 living Card Stars in 1955. A house magician at the Magic Castle since early 1960s. 1973 AMA Masters Fellowship. Worked cruise ships in late 1970s. In nursing home from 1988 until his death.

Did not, as widely presumed, invent the buckle and Buckle Count, which he admitted in a pre-WW II letter was taught to him at that time by A.J. Cantu. Did invent Ace Transformation (1941, which is miscredited to Buckley and to Paul Rosini).

Many tricks in Expert Card Technique (1940). Wrote Black Art Well Tricks (1969, 32pp). See also Robert Parrish, An Evening with Charlie Miller (1961, 72pp); and Frank Csuri (ed), The Magic of Charlie Miller (typescript), a legendary compilation distributed in the 1960s in only 6 copies to the underground. Wrote the "Magicana" column in Genii 1964-88. Tricks in Genii, Talisman, and Arcane. Audio, videos, and video segment (1988; 1991).

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Charlie Miller
Charlie Miller on the Card Index (used) by Charlie Miller

Booklet stapled in excellent condition. For the content see the digital edition.

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Charlie Miller
Charlie Miller on the Card Index by Charlie Miller

An older publication, but a good one with valuable information. Charlie Miller, one of the world's most knowledgeable magicians, designed a modern form of Card Index, which is fully explained here. Among various routines and efffects included in the book is an article on the most famous of all "index" magicians, Arthur Lloyd, written by Chet Karkut, who now owns this act.


  • History
  • How to use the card index
  • Arrangement of cards
  • Impromptu card from pocket (Vic Torsberg)
  • Little index (Ken Little)
  • Reading by Touch (Louis Nikola)
  • Pocket prophecies (Annemann)
  • The Omega card prophecy
  • Orville Meyer's Twin Prediction ...
★★★★ $9.95
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Charlie Miller
Charlie Miller Lecture Notes by Charlie Miller

These are the lecture notes for a lecture Charlie Miller gave at Magic Inc. in 1967. He offers great insight into the art of magic, presentation, routining and audience management. He also teaches several great tricks.

Also included is a six page essay by Roberto Giobbi titled "Charlie Miller's Wisdom". (This essay originally appeared in two installments within my column "The Genii Session" in Genii - The Conjuror's Magazine, May and July 2005. It appears here in a slightly revised form and in agreement with Richard Kaufman and his Genii Corporation.)


  • Foreword
  • General Remarks
  • Cashing a Check (Trick)
  • Miser's Dream or Money Catching ...
★★★★★ $9.95
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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products)