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Jean Nicolas Ponsin

(Reims, Marne, France: 19th March 1801 - )

Pen name of Charles-Édouard Ponsin. Teacher of drawing at the Lyceum at Reims. Amateur magician, already adept at card sleights in his early 20s when he became a close friend of Decremps. Also taught by Comus II, Théodore Massey, and others.

Wrote the classic Nouvelle Magie blanche dévoilée (2 vols, 1853, 1854; repr 1858 in 1 volume as La Sorcellerie ancienne et moderne expliquée), English tr by S.H. Sharpe as Ponsin on Conjuring (1937, 176pp; repr 1987).

Coauthors: Sam Sharpe

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Jean Nicolas Ponsin & Sam Sharpe
Ponsin on Conjuring by Jean Nicolas Ponsin & Sam Sharpe

In 1853 the French La Nouvelle Magie Blanche Dévoilée by Jean Nicolas Ponsin was published. It was the first book to explain exactly how the leading magicians of the day in France performed their most prized effects. Sam Sharpe translated it to English and Wilf Huggins added a couple of clarifying illustrations.

This ebook is filled with intriguing effects with cards, coins and an entire section on the Cups and Balls. Surprisingly you will find here the idea of using metal balls, the same idea with which Paul Gertner created a sensation. You can find everything from mental miracles, to impromptu effects,...

★★★★ $5
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