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Jeff Busby

Jeff Busby

(Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada: 23rd February 1954 - 10th February 2014)

Inspired and learned at age 7 by picking out at local library a copy of Fischer's Illustrated Magic. Moved to USA in 1965. Pro performer to pro dealer-publisher-manufacturer of quality magic (Jeff Busby Magic, Inc) since 1975, successively in Oakland, San Francisco, again Oakland, California, and since 1991 in Wallace, Idaho.

A major collector of magic books and booklets. Invented the E-Fold principle (by 1972), the Omega Count (in 1974), Royal Backs (1975), Poltergeist Block (1981 with Don Albrecht), Versa-Table (1994), and a pioneer in computer magic. Youngest AIMC in 1983 (reinstated 1988). Married magicienne Vicki Grismer in 1988.

Edited Arcane since 1980, Epoptica 1982-89, and Thaumaturgist since 1987. Edited and wrote many books and booklets, starting with Into the 4th Dimension ... and beyond (1973), Michael Skinner's Intimate Magic (1982, 45pp), The Paul Fox Checker Cabinet (1985), The Automated Sefalaljia Book (1995, 56pp), The Secret of the Palmettos (1998), etc. With joint pen name (with Paul Burton Spencer) of "Burton Williams" wrote Dice—Squares, Tops and Shapes (1982, 104pp). Co-authored (with Bart Whaley and Martin Gardner) The Man Who Was Erdnase (1991, 434pp), which won the SAM Special Library Award. See Craige Snader, Pre-Epoptica Writings 1976-1981 by Jeff Busby (1988, 24pp). Tricks and articles in Chronicles, Magicien, etc.

Coauthors: Barton Whaley, Martin Gardner

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Barton Whaley & Martin Gardner & Jeff Busby
The Man Who Was Erdnase by Barton Whaley & Martin Gardner & Jeff Busby

This book won the SAM Special Library Award. It details Martin Gardner's, Jeff Busby's and Bart Whaley's search to uncover the person hiding behind the pseudonym S.W. Erdnase. It lays out in detail the case for Milton Franklin Andrews. It describes the life of Andrews, how he started with magic, and how he transitioned to become a cardshark, including his travels around the word hustling and cheating to make a living.

A detailed analysis of Erdnase's likely sources and inspirations, as well as other information about the book, its reprints, and other pertinent information will help every Erdnase researcher....

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