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KardKoating: playing card coating


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KardKoating: playing card coating by

You will get a 4 oz (118 ml) bottle of genuine playing card coating. This is the real stuff. This coating is used by the biggest playing card manufacturers. It produces a wonderfully smooth and slick surface. The cards will fan and shuffle perfectly. The bottle has a flip top that makes dispensing a brease. You will be able to coat at least 50 sheets (front and back) with one bottle.

I have tried and tested many other ways to coat playing cards but none even comes close to this coating. This is real playing card coating. Anything else is a bad substitute.

This coating is a chemical and should be cleaned up and cared for with a bit of thought (see safety instructions below). You can make it thinner with water if you want to experiment or if the fluid has thickened too much due to extended exposure to air. Once the coating has dried it will repell water.

The coating is in its liquid state a milky fluid. Once dry it is completely transparent.

How to Apply this Coating

There are a couple of ways to apply our KardKoating:

  • Preval Sprayer: A so called 'Preval Sprayer' is essentially an 'air brush in a can'. It consists of a replaceable air pressure can, a diptube and a glass jar. The glass jar is filled with the coating, screwed on the bottom of the air spray can so that the diptube can suck up liquid from the jar. The sprayer atomizes even relatively thick liquids. Follow the instructions that come with the Preval sprayer. Starter kits are sold for as low as $5 at Home Depot.
  • Air Brush: A gravity fed airbrush is even better than the Preval sprayer, but is also more costly. If you have an airbrush give it a try. If not I recommend you get started with the Preval sprayer unless you intend to coat hundreds of sheets.
  • Rubber Roller: A hard rubber roller also works fine, but is a bit more messy. Dispense a line of coating on the top of the cardboard. Use the roller with modest pressure to roll the liquid with one stroke over the cardboard. Once the coating is spread out into a thin film it will dry fast. You might also want to look into building a dual side coater. For details go here.


The coating liquid is a waterbased coating. This means it is environmentally friendly and uses none of the typical hazardous solvents you find in spray can based clear coatings. The only chemical that outgases from this liquid is Ammonium Hydroxide. That means you should

  • Avoid prolonged and/or repeated contact with the skin
  • Use with local exhaust ventilation
  • Wear full face shield if splashing hazard exists
  • Wear protective clothing

Skin contact is expected to be the primary route of occupational exposure. The following statements are based on an assessment of the health effects associated with the ingredients present in this product.

  • Eye Contact: Contact with eyes may cause mild irritation. Symptoms may include stinging, tearing, redness, swelling and/or burning.
  • Skin Contact: Prolonged and/or repeated contact with skin may cause mild irritation. Symptoms may include redness, itching, drying and cracking of the skin.
  • Inhalation: Inhalation is an unlikely route of exposure under conditions of intended use. Higher temperatures may generate vapors that may cause irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract.
  • Ingestion: Ingestion is an unlikely route of exposure under conditions of intended use. Deliberate ingestion of excessive quantities may be harmful.
  • Chronic Health Hazard: No chronic health hazards are associated with the components present in this product. This product contains no listed carcinogens according to IARC, ACGIH, NTP and/or OSHA in concentrations of 0.1 percent or greater.

Reviewed by Joong-soo Park (confirmed purchase)
★★★★   Date Added: Thursday 06 February, 2014

Your coating fluid feels very good and makes printed cards get smooth to fan or spread.

Reviewed by David Williams
★★★★★   Date Added: Thursday 12 September, 2013

Sounds great. Thank you. I use Silicon spray, from Bunnings and Spotlight. But I'm keen to try this spray, now.

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