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Kill Bill
by David Devlin


(1 review, 2 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Kill Bill by David Devlin

A self-working mental routine.

Three envelopes are introduced; the contents of which are unknown for the moment. The envelopes are laid out in a row according to the direction of a spectator. Once the envelopes are in place, the audience is told that each envelope contains money; two bills per envelope. The envelopes are opened, but only one of the bills is removed from each, which are the placed below its envelope. The audience is told that the other bills are going to be left in the envelopes and are going to be used later as predictions.

A spectator is told to pick two of the bills and switch their places. Once done, another spectator is instructed to take the unmoved bill and exchange its place with either of the other bills. Once done, it is now pointed out that the bills have been completely rearranged according to the whims of not just one, but two different participants.

The other bills are now removed from the envelopes and it is found that all is right with the world.

This routine can be done in virtually any setting. It can be done close up with standard bills and envelopes, or on stage with large envelopes and jumbo bills. It can also be performed by nearly any performer be it corporate, adult parties, kid parties, and school assembly performers among others.

  • No misprinted bills
  • No gaffed envelopes
  • No forces
  • All choices are made by the spectators
  • 100% self-working

1st edition 2019, 5 pages.
word count: 1170 which is equivalent to 4 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Don Jarrard (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Tuesday 06 September, 2022

Nice idea. Basically, Harry Lorayne's Don't show me the money from magic for dummies book. But this has a variation with 2 outcomes. The way he gets around it is ingenious. It is fast-paced and over in 5 minutes. Could be done anytime but also a good opener. Highly recommended. Fake bills could be used. Any normal envelopes. If you don't have bills you could use receipts that add up to the same value or copies of utility bills. Highly recommended.