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Learn to Recite and Write the Alphabet Upside Down and in Reverse
by Devin Knight


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Learn to Recite and Write the Alphabet Upside Down and in Reverse by Devin Knight

Professor Backwards made a name for himself doing these feats on all the talk shows including Ed Sullivan in 50s to 70s. You can do many of the same things and learn how to do them in less than one day. This is due to the special techniques and easy to learn mnemonics I have developed. No more forced memory. The techniques in this PDF will teach you how to do these feats in less than one day. Looks difficult to do, but is easy if you use my secret techniques. This is NOT the old Russian warrior technique, but something much easier and faster to learn. Magicians have been doing these feats since the days of vaudeville. This PDF is by far the best information ever written on the subject. Yes you can do everything in this PDF. It is easier than you think. Adds a big effect to your show for just the cost of the PDF and a few hours practice.

Suitable for both Kid Shows and Adults. If you book school shows or libraries, the teachers and librarians will love you as you challenge the kids to increase their use of the English language. Mentalists will floor their audiences with this display of mind-power.

  • Impress Your Friends And Family With Superior Intelligence!
  • Appear To Be A Genius!
The Basic Effect:

The performer has a whiteboard and an erasable marker. He tells the audience that as a young person he mastered the ability to recite the alphabet backwards. He demonstrates this by reciting it backwards at lightning speed. An impressive feat in itself. To increase his mind-power, he also learned how to write the alphabet upside-down and backwards while reciting the alphabet forwards! This appears that the performer is capable of doing several things at the same time.

The performer recites the alphabet forward while at the same time writing it backward and upside-down. A stunning feat that makes the performer look like a genius. When he is done, he rotates the whiteboard 180 degrees and the audience sees all the letters from A to Z in the proper order and correctly written. This feat will get you a stunning round of applause and will in some cases result in a stand-ovation. YES, YOU CAN DO THIS IN YOUR NEXT SHOW.

This PDF will teach you how to have the audience call out words and you write them upside and backwards. This is a slightly more advanced technique, but you can do it after you become proficient in the basic effect. This can be used to promote your shows.

Reviews: "You will use this. I do! - Marc Salem

"In the past, I learned how to recite the alphabet backwards, but this is much more. Once you go through the simple steps, and practice, you'll be able to recite and write the alphabet in all sorts of ways. Once you get this system down it will be something you have in your back pocket at all times. This is one of those things that will pay for itself once you take the time to put it into your arsenal." - Greg Acre

"In my talks, I teach business people memory stunts and one of them is memorizing the alphabet backwards. They just absolutely love it. When I saw a copy of Devin's new PDF, I was very pleased with the work he has done pertaining to this stunt. As always, he has a great deal of unique ideas and approaches that he has applied towards this memory demonstration I wish I would have come up with, and I am definitely going to use them!" - Robert Marsi Note: Most of these techniques will work with any foreign language that uses LATIN letters. So, if you speak French, German or Spanish, you can use these techniques to help learn these feats. This PDF teaches you a clever way to promote your show using this stunt.

1st edition 2015, 14 pages.
word count: 3862 which is equivalent to 15 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Christian Fisanick (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Friday 27 May, 2016

If you don't have these parlor tricks down cold yet, then download Devin's ebook now! There is another system to learning the alphabet backwards, but this one is better. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that it took me 10 minutes on a rainy Saturday afternoon to learn the recitation part. Writing upside down and backwards took a little longer, but not much, with a little practice. Now both skills are like second nature. When I retire and get around to giving corporate motivational lectures on learning, memory, and intuition, you can rest assured that I'm using Devin's techniques, and they will delight and astonish audiences. This ebook might be the best use of mnemonics that you'll ever see. And it costs a fiver. Come back and thank me later.