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Legacy by Daniel Madison

Legacy by Daniel Madison is the entire collection of some of Madison's publications and offerings to the 'Magic Industry' from between the years of 2000 to 2015. Each publication teaches his unique creations, discoveries, sleight-of-hand techniques and close-up deceptions with a deck of playing cards.

Cameo. Lapse. Monte Sonata. Selective. Heritage. Complete. One Eighty. Father Figure. Fatal. Scripture. Under the Influence. On the Cuff.

ONE was Madison's first ever independent publication. He originally published this booklet as a set of notes for his first ever Private Lecture, held at the 2005 Blackpool Magic Convention. It was this very book that gained Madison's initial audience who through word of mouth, kickstarted his career in the magic industry.

Eccentric Tourist. Blaze 01. Blaze 1.1. Blaze 1.2. Blaze 1.3. Blaze 2. Blaze 3. Some Bad Hat. F'ing Aces. One. Through. Prophecy. Stigmata Two. Breakout. Re-Pocket. Execution. Angle Zero. Rematch.

Following the success of ONE, Madison started to work on his follow-up offering. The feedback from ONE showed him what his new audience wanted from new magic, and so he tailored the follow up notes to them by filling the notes with simple, high-impact tricks. This book birthed possibly Madison's greatest effect to date - Angle Zero.

The D Double. The M Double. MTS. IMTS. MTC. Snap Delay. Pressure Shot. Time Transpo. Roll Load. 4 Off. Crawl Control. Table Twist. CUF. PK Peek. D2C. 50/50. 40/60. Boxing M. Capture. Back2Base. Ghost Sandwich. Rip Free. Spade Control. Base Jump.Half Switch. Back Space. Kelly Psych. Revolver. Cameo 02.

Following the success of ONE and TWO, Madison realised that his passion for magic was in the technique rather than the trick and in the writing more than the lectures. Madison packed THREE with sleight-of-hand heavy moves and ideas and never lectured to demonstrate the work from the notes. This started a trend in 'non-lecture notes.'

Counteract. Blinded. Cheaters Heritage. 46. Three Things. Overkill ACAAN. Ante Up. Stranger. Blind Snap.

Card Thief. The Card in the Box. The Cap Switch. OOTW Faro Shuffle. Bluff Shuffle. Face up Top Change. Plan B. Spread Shuffle. Fall Control. Dead Man's CTP. Brake Change.

Both FOUR and FIVE were written from the same vein much later in Madison's career in the magic industry. Both of these notes reflect Madison's return to the card table and departure from the magic industry as a magician.

THOUGHTS (of a madman)
Counting Crows. Colt 45. Tokyo Smile. Through Pass. Back Drop. Spinal Cut. Final Cut. Four Faces. Basic. Seraphan. Box for 51. Re-Sandwich.

TOAMM was Madison's first ever joint project, offering some risky and bold tricks and moves alongside his close friend Randall Freeman.

Irreversible. Irreversible Tu. Memento. 212215. Cut. RIP. Tender. EI8HT2WO. Fine Scripture. The Devils Touch. Breach

A lot like TWO, with IDENTITY, Madison listened to the industry and his growing audience and used this book to offer more high-impact effects with a deck of cards. He dedicated this book to his creations of 'trick-decks' and gimmicks.

In the Smoke 01. In the Smoke 02. Snap and Burn. Burning Link. Burning Hand. Remains. Spread vanish. Corner Shadow. Box Shadow. Index Transfer. Index Ash. No Smoke. Wrath Two. Burn Thru 1. Burn Thru 2. Burn Thru 3. Burn Thru 4. Burn Thru 5. Vanishing Burns. Burn. Burn 2. Burn 3

BURN quickly became one of Madison's most noteworthy publications. He took a single concept from his TWO notes (Blaze) and dedicated an entire work to the idea of causing revelations in the form of burn marks. This book helped push Madison's reputation and since its original publication has been ripped-off by a few other 'creative' magicians.

Following the huge success of BURN, Madison quickly followed up with another high-impact release - WRATH.

Trip. Transtorn. Vantage. Rebound. Delusion. Overkill. Infliction. Boxer. Fan Change. Enemy. Thirteen. Half Triumph.

Res. Cure. Square One. Fragment. Push. Anchor. Stifle. Bounce. Fix. Cinders 2.

Slice One. Slice Two. Slice Three. Slice Four. Maker. Nil Base. Gauntlett. Grab. Uprising. Kick. 2Sec. San.

Patch. Slaine. Veil. Grit. Slide. OTT. Heat.

The DECEPTIONS series were Madison's monthly offerings. He decided to hone his creative trickery into monthly releases which would each focus on a different plot in magic... Torn and Restored Cards, Sandwich Effects and Deck Switching. Madison stopped at three editions to allow him time to focus on TV magic.

Reader. Stolen. Impossible Transpo. Reset. Out. Under. Breach. Prediction. Mr. Writer. Double. Flush. Vanish.

Inside. Outside. Envelope. Tele. Sealed. Amendments. L Frame. DPS.

Both PRIMER and PARIAH where written at the start of Madison's own UK TV show - which he would eventually walk away from. These two ideas reflect a more theatrical approach to trickery, in the way that the method never ever matters, only the outcome of the effect.

Coffee and Smokes. C+S Prequel. Crush. Rush. Drop. Intranspo. 7 Crows. Outcast. Wreck.

Forces. Psycho. Fifty Second. Pairs. Blind Spot. Rainman. Crossover. The Psycho Deck.

M and PSYCHO were both written whilst Madison was consulting for a Mentalism based TV show. His work on the show forced him to create ideas for mentalism and not rust close-up-trickery. Of his favourite creations for the show, he collected his best for these two books.

Diamonds. Middle. False. Void. Spades. Rotation Cop. Click Palm. Running Lap. Hold 'Em Out. Drop Concept. Drop Switch.

A detailed exposure of the recorded demonstrations of dexterity and skill with a deck of playing cards, as performed by Daniel Madison.

"The 'How To' guide on how he got famous in magic" - Brad Christian
The ultimate, full-deck, single-pocket, playing-card-index that allows you to be secretly within possesion of ANY needed playing card within a moments notice...

Construction. Mechanics. Locating Cards. Retrieving Cards. Wedge. ACAAN One. ACAAN Two. Invisible. Brainwave. Card to Mouth. Envelope. Snatch. Unboxed. The Perfect Deal. The Invisible Card.

The ultimate Deck-Switching Device for in-the-hands or at the table...

Construction. Mechanics. Execution. Switch One. Switch Two. Switch Three. Switch ITH One. Switch ITH Two. Tabled Switch.

A study on eight different Deck-Switching Methods...

Patch. Slaine. Veil. Grit. Slide. OTT. Heat. Edge.

The Blindfolded Poker Deal (from a borrowed and shuffled deck.) As performed on TV for Penn and Teller.

A collection of routined demonstrations of sleight-of-hand and skill with a deck of playing cards...

The Poker Lesson. Perfect Aces. The Middle Deal: The Kennedy Tribute. The Centre Deal: The Vernon Tribute. Bad Aces. The Numbers. Click Palm. Centre Cop. Spread Flick. Blackout Shift. Blackout Shift Two. FSWE Shift. The Greek Shift. Rotation Palm. Back Deal. Holdout Deal.

The full-deck playing-card-index that allows you to be secretly within possession of ANY needed playing card within a moments notice at the card table...

Introduction. Story. The Device. Use. Technique. The Tyrant. Goodbye.