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Let's Make Magic
by Gordon M. Howatt

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Let's Make Magic by Gordon M. Howatt

This is a compilation of three books:

  • Let's Make Magic (1st edition 1945)
  • Traveling Ghost
  • Restless Spook
Tricks to build in your home workshop. One big book tells you how to make all kinds of tricks, vanishes, productions, changes, liquid tricks, silk tricks, trick decks, levitation, jumbo card tricks, slate tricks, pocket tricks...Imagine! Fifty Tricks. Printed on large size pages to make it easy to study he plans. Simple tools are all you need to have all these new tricks for yourself.
  • The Art Studio Illusionette
  • Vibratory Deck
  • The Malcolm Blindfold
  • The Scintilating Spectre
  • No Hands Bowl Production
  • The Herculean Magician
  • An Impossible Card Routine
  • Dry Wine
  • Victory Liquid Production
  • Mumbo Jumbo
  • Psychic Discovery
  • The Detachable Die
  • Unfinished Business
  • The All Purpose Slate
  • Revived Silk Penetration
  • The Inseparable Cards
  • Plastic Pendant
  • A Changing Bag
  • Penetrating Ribbon
  • Unpredictable Die
  • Goofus
  • Ribbon Thru The Body
  • Archimede's Well
  • Borrowed Deck, Hank & Rubber Band
  • Magic Interlude
  • Perfect Prestidigitation
  • Color Divination
  • Mental Control
  • Peculiar Book Of Matches
  • Milk Transposition
  • The Color Changing Ribbons
  • An Examinable Egg Bag
  • The Restless Spook
  • The Flight Of Eggs
  • The Topsy Turvy Cigarette
  • Silks Of Satan
  • An Idea
  • The Traveling Ghost
  • The Transpo Silk
  • Practical One Hand Pass
  • Spectacular Suggestion
  • Ace Production Box
  • A Novel Production
  • The Spirit Box
  • The Gregarious Cards
  • Biliken From Milliken
  • The Inseparable Giants
  • Temple Of Menakahtem
  • Shawls Of Trian Foo Lum

1st digital edition 2014, 110 pages.
word count: 25222 which is equivalent to 100 standard pages of text