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Light and Easy
by Nefesch


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Light and Easy by Nefesch

In this manuscript you will learn two effects, one of them is Nefesch's CAN effect in which he makes a volunteer loose his weight. They can feel it, they can feel themselves becoming lighter and lighter till they weigh less than a feather. You can prove to the audience that your spectator has indeed lost his weight. As a hypnotherapist this routine has been Nefesch's bussiness card to his customers who want to take hypnotherapy sessions to loose some weight. In adition Nefesch is including an almost impromptu newspaper test, and a way to combine both effects to mark your reputation as a mentalist, psychic or hypnotherapyst.


You borrow any soda can, and explain how fragile they are. In the first step of the routine you prove to your audience how you are able to control the body of someone else. You give full proof to your audience, once they are convinced, you make your spectator loose weight instantly. They can feel it and confirm it verbally to the audience, but of course you will go beyond their word, and will offer a prove of it. You ask your spectator to stand on the empty soda can (which being as fragil as it is, would break easily). However, the soda can doesn't crush, while your spectator is letting all its weight rest on it. YES THEY ARE FULLY STANDING UP IN THE CAN AND IT GETS NO DAMAGE AT ALL, why? Because your spectator has lost all their weight. Now as a third step of the routine, you show how you also created a connection between your spectator and a physical object (which in this case happens to be the can), and you show how the lead of the can has been BENT in your spectators hands, WITHOUT YOU TOUCHING IT. As a final step in this routine, you make your spectator's weight come back, and ask them to stand up again on the can, which now is crushed instantly for their weight has come back.

"Your thinking excites me. Just the other day I was thinking about your can crush. As it is a hard piece to pull off in a stage show or such, but terrific for one on one non formal situations. But I wondered how I would use it on a TV show. And this is what I came up with. I have someone stand on a doctors scale. They are measured and we see their correct weight. I have them stand on a can, and it crushes (they choose the can), they stand on a petrol can and it does not crush. Now I lay them down, people try to pick them up with their fingers and they can not. Now they do it again and the person gets lighter and lighter. They stand on a can. It does not crush. They are weighed and they are 40 pounds lighter. People pick them up again, they are still light, now they get heavier and heavier and so heavy the people can not hold them up in the air. They are weighed, they have gained 50 pounds over their real weight. They stand on a can or a petrol can and it crushes. Now you get them back to their regular weight. They stand on a regular can, it crushes, but the petrol can does not crush, they are weighed and seen to be their regular weight." - Banachek


A borrowed newspaper. A free selected page. Set up will take you only 2 seconds at the most. A free selected word. By this time you have not made a peek, OR SEEN THE WORD, and yet you are able to find what is the word your spectator is thinking of.

1st edition 2010; 38 pages.
word count: 7404 which is equivalent to 29 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Pablo Amira
★★★★★   Date Added: Monday 21 June, 2010

This ebook is a bargain. 2 great effects that can build a great reputation.

CAN is a effect where you apparently take weight from the participant. As a symbolism, your participant can stand in a normal aluminium can. Powerful effect.

NEWS is a thought reading effect where a free selected page in any page on a newspaper is revealed.

Take your bucks and support the mind of Nefesch.