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Linguistic Bending
by Dee Christopher

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Linguistic Bending by Dee Christopher

Linguistic Bending will take your metal bending to the next level.

Dee Christopher has been studying metal bending for many years and crafted his own fluid and signature style. This ambitious treatise attacks a subject that is scarcely touched by psychokinetic performers; the use of verbal deception, dual reality and linguistics within metal bending acts.

You will learn several new techniques, the full work on the Syn ploy including variations and some incredible concepts and ploys to build into your performances.

  • The basics - An overview of popular and lesser known bends and physical technique.
  • Introduction to linguistic bending - What is linguistic bending?
  • The use of verbal deception - Dee offers his advice on learning any kind of deceptive scripting or ploy.
  • The 'Syn' ploy - The now classic technique first divulged on Dee's "Metal" DVD. Here you get the full work never before published or even seen by anyone but Dee's closest friends. This includes several variations and extra techniques and thoughts.
  • Sean McCarthy's take on Syn - Sean McCarthy gives some additions with the Syn ploy and Dee offers his extra advice and techniques.
  • The 'Imagine If' ploy - A way to have a spectator fully describe their experience in real time as a coin or fork bends in their hand. This is a huge leap forward and works every single time.
  • The reversal technique - Create hallucinations as you explain to your audience how they too can bend metal.
  • Tell the punchline - An essay on the structure of a metal bending act or routine.

1st edition 2013, 55 pages.
word count: 7535 which is equivalent to 30 standard pages of text