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Living and Dead Acts
by Dee Christopher

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Living and Dead Acts by Dee Christopher

For the last two years, Dee Christopher has been developing, testing and collecting unique methods to perform the classic Living and Dead act.

In this ebook, you will receive several methods to determine which card contains the dead name, alongside some printable files, professionally designed to work with some of the methods described.

Dee has also given his advice for performing these kinds of powerful, but dangerous acts and included his ideas on performing acts of this nature.

From the closing of the book:

"In the last 6,500 (rounding down for effect) words; I've revealed to you four of the best methods that I've discovered for creating the classic 'Living & Dead' act. As well as those four methods, I've also offered my framing and basic scripting for the routine, the right way to prime your audiences for such a routine, how to ensure that nobody gets upset during your demonstration, how you can get amazing reactions without peeking any information and a vast array of subtleties and extra ideas are laced throughout."

This is essential reading for anyone interested in performing this classic and powerful act in their magic, bizarre or mentalism show.

1st edition 2016, 22 pages + print templates.

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