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Lorento's Wizard's Guide

by Lorento

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Lorento's Wizard's Guide by Lorento
This is a fairly typical magic book from the 19th century. It mixes magic tricks and illusions with science experiments. Due to the fact that back then many did not have a basic understanding of physics and chemistry, many of these exhibitions of science appeared like magic.
  • How to Cut Your Arm off without Hurt or Danger
  • The Basket Trick
  • To Knock a Tumbler Through a Table
  • To Drive One Tumbler Through Another
  • The Dancing Skeleton
  • To Place Water in a Drinking-glass Upside Down
  • The Faded Rose Restored
  • The Protean Liquid
  • Eatable Candle Ends
  • To Make a Watch Stop or Go at the Word of Command
  • To Walk upon a Hot Iron Bar
  • To Pour Cold Water into a Kettle and Make it come out Hot without the Aid of Fire
  • How to Cut a Man’s Head Off, and Put it into a Platter a Yard from his Body
  • To Discover any Card in a Pack by its Weight or Smell
  • To Turn Water into Wine
  • Magic Breath
  • To Make a Party Appear Ghastly
  • How to Eat Fire
  • To Dip the Hand in Water Without Wetting it
  • How to Shoot a Bird and Bring it to Life Again
  • Hideous Metamorphosis
  • How to Fill a Glass with Beer and Water at the Same Time, Without Mixing the two Liquids
  • How to Kill a Fowl and Bring it to Life Again
  • To Light a Candle by a Glass of Water
  • To Light a Candle by Smoke
  • To Freeze Water by Shaking it
  • Iron Changed into Silver
  • Two Cold Liquids when Mixed Become Boiling Hot
  • The Incombustible Handkerchief
  • Two Cold Liquids Produce Fire
  • To Give a Person a Supernatural Appearance
  • The Floating Needle
  • Luminous Writing
  • Beautiful Transformations
  • To Break a Stone with a Blow of the Fist
  • Magical Tea-spoons
  • To Cut and Tear into Pieces a Handkerchief, and to Make it Whole Again
  • How to Fire a Loaded Pistol at the Hand, without Hurting it
  • A Vessel that will let Water out at the Bottom, as soon as the Mouth is Uncorked
  • The Conjurer's Banquet
  • A Dollar Bill Concealed in a Candle
  • To Melt Iron in a Moment, and Make it Run into Drops
  • To Change a Bowl of Ink info Clear Water, with Gold-Fish in it
  • How to Swallow a Number of Needles and Yards of Thread
  • To Make a Bird Seem as Dead
  • To Make the Appearance of a Flash of Lightning when Any One Enters a Room with a Lighted Candle
  • To Break a Stick placed on Two Glasses without Breaking the Glasses
  • To Set a Combustible Body on Fire by the Contact of Water
  • To Eat a Dish of Paper Shavings, and Draw Them Out of Your Mouth Like an Atlantic Cable
  • To Produce from a Silk Handkerchief Bonbons, Candies, Nuts, etc.
  • To Keep a Stone in Perpetual Motion
  • To Make a Card Jump Out of the Pack and Run on the Table
  • How to Tell a Person any Card He thinks of, and to Convey it into a Nut
  • To Make a Cone or Pyramid Move upon a Table without Springs or any other Artificial Means
  • How to Make an Egg, apparently of itself, leave the center of the Room and Traverse to a Saucer of Water placed in the Corner
  • To Eat Cotton Wool and Blow Fire and Sparks out of your Mouth
  • To Make a Peg that will exactly fit three different kinds of Holes
  • Magic Money
  • The Magic Knife
  • To Bring Colored Ribbons from Your Mouth
  • A Cheap Way of Being Generous
  • To Make Fire Bottles
  • Artificial Thunder
  • The Magic Flask
  • How to Let Twenty Gentlemen Draw Twenty Cards, and to Make One Card Every Man’s Card
  • How to Double Your Pocket Money
  • To Catch Money From the Air
  • Curious Watch Trick
  • To Produce a Cannon Ball from a Hat
  • An Aviary in a Hat
  • To See a Future Husband
  • To Know what Fortune your Future Husband will Have
  • To Give Eggs a Variegated Appearance
  • The Wet Sleeve
  • To Produce Beautiful Fireworks in Miniature
  • To Construct and Inflate a Small Balloon
  • The Enchanted Cock
  • The Oriental Ball Trick
  • An Excellent Card Trick
  • The Ring and Stick
  • The Hat Puzzle
  • The Restored Handkerchief
  • To Make a Cane or Poker Stand in the Middle of the Room
  • The Trick of the Inexhaustible Bottle

1st edition 1878, 30 pages; PDF 39 pages.
word count: 17509 which is equivalent to 70 standard pages of text

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