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Louis Nikola

Louis Nikola

(14th March 1878 - 11th November 1936)

Born in Southampton, England. Stage name (from Guy Boothby's Dr Nikola) of Walter J. Obree Smith. Pro since 1901. Co-invented (with Roy Enoc) Milk Pitcher (by 1917), invented Nikola Card System by 1927 and Magic Welding in the early 1930s.

He performed the best Card Castle. After spreading the cards on the tray, he'd cover it with a silk....the silk would rise slowly and when at its zenith, Nikola would carefully remove the silk to reveal the card castle. As he walked away he would deliberately bump the tray and the castle would collapse, giving evidence to its delicate construction.

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Louis Nikola
The Nikola Card System by Louis Nikola

The Nikola Card System is more advanced than either the Si Stebbins or "Eight Kings" card systems. Even upon close examination pre-arrangement seems impossible with this system.

  • Section 1: Argument
  • Section 2: Curriculum
  • Section 3: Utility
    • 1. "Stop"
    • 2. Cards By Weight
    • 3. Weighing Chosen Cards
    • 4. The Sense Of Touch
    • 5. Human Magnetism
    • 6. Locating
    • 7. Spelling
    • 8. To Spell Any Card Called For
    • 9. Thought Anticipated
    • 10. Unconscious Thought Transmission
    • 11. Wizard's Whist
    • 12. All Trumps
    • 13. The Spelling Bee,
    • 14. The Game Of Poker, And
    • 15. The Game Of "Nap"
    • 16. To Name The Position...
★★★★★ $4
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Louis Nikola
Hand Shadows: The Complete Art Of Shadowgraphy by Louis Nikola

Shadow entertainments are as old as the hills, but their popularity is undiminished and the hand shadow expert is a recognized and popular artist and entertainer. A practical guide for both adults and children.

Generations of entertainers have amused audiences of children and adults with the art of hand shadows, using only a light source and their own two hands to form immediately recognizable profiles of people and animals. Lovers of nostalgia and aspiring hand shadow artists will delight in this ebook, which features more than 50 hand shadows.

These quaint illustrations depict many different...

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Louis Nikola
Magical Masterpieces by Louis Nikola

The most famous invention of Nikola is his card system, which is described in The Nikola Card System and in an abbreviated version in Encyclopedia of Card Tricks. Cards are not the only area Nikola excelled in.

From the inside cover: Magical Masterpieces is no mere fanciful title. It is an apt description of a selection from the accumulated repertoire of a practical magician whose outstanding characteristic is the painstaking perfection and stamp of individuality of all his productions. It is safe to say that if a new book of magic provides only one workable and suitable addition to the reader's store it is a sound investment. The magician...

★★★★★ $7
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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products)