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Maestro Leonardo Cups and Balls
by Maestro Leonardo


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Maestro Leonardo Cups and Balls by Maestro Leonardo

This is one of the most innovative cups and balls routines. Maestro Leonardo featured the routine in his IBM competition entry in 2008 in the UK and received a standing ovation from the audience. There are no moves in the routine that relate to any other cups and balls effects. The loads are invisible, and there is virtually no way that they can be spotted. Anyone who plans to use this routine and is prepared to put in the work perfecting it, could have a short act that is suitable for any kind of show venue. The Medieval Cups and Balls routine culminates with the production of water, a long silk streamer and fire.

There is absolutely nothing difficult about the routine. It is perfectly suited for stage and parlor but not for close-up. The routine uses especially gaffed cups which you have to make yourself.

Maestro Leonardo took a year to devise the routine which goes back to the jugglers and jesters of the distant past and has created a really novel version of the timeless cups and balls trick by adapting the usual items involved. No props are supplied but everything needed can be produced by your local handyman or made to order for you. The download DVD starts with the original stage performance which was witnessed by an audience of more than 1500 magicians and then you are taken step-by-step through the method by Maestro Leonardo who provides a detailed explanation and teach-in.

[Note: If you prefer a physical DVD disc please go to Martin Breese International.]


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