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The Svengali Pitch: The Real Work
by Don Driver


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The Svengali Pitch: The Real Work by Don Driver

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The Comprehensive Guide to Making Money Pitching Svengali Decks

Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been made on selling the humble Svengali Deck and yet few people ever learned the inner secrets of how to pitch the deck successfully. This DVD fills that shortage.

Don Driver pitched for twenty-five years all over the country. He learned his pitch from S. David Walker, the Grand old Man of Svengali pitching who has been at it since the early 1940s. Mr. Walker learned from Mickey MacDougall, the creator of the Svengali pitch.

Explained in detail is a pitch that has been polished and refined for over 60 years. Don demonstrates the pitch, breaks it down and explains all the details. There is none better.

Don tells you the Three Things You Must Accomplish so you will be successful. He gives you the psychology of the pitch and how to know when people are ready to buy.

But wait…there’s more…

Special Bonus: S. David Walker, the Grand Old Man of Svengali is shown working his pitch at a fair.

[For an even more detailed set of information also get Don Driver's Interview.]

duration 1h 5min

Reviewed by Joe Libby (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Tuesday 27 February, 2024

Study this video, pay attention to Don Driver's tips and advice, and you can make some nice money pitching Svengali decks. It's work, but it is fun, especially when you're counting up the money you made at the end of the day! As Don says, the idea is to get the money, but pitching Svengalis will make you a better magician. The fuzzle pitch and the video of David Walker in action are nice bonuses too.

Reviewed by Elliot Gorton (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 01 October, 2022

Worth every penny to the resourceful professional.

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